Vavation Tips
Vavation Tips

July is already here and this means the year is halfway complete. Been singing of taking a vacation by end of year? Well, you have approximately 6 months left to accomplish your mission. From experience, I know that one of your biggest concerns, despite your record volition, is how to have a blast holiday without having to break the bank. Truth is, with a proper saving plan for your vacation, you definitely will be going for the trip before the curtain falls on year 2016. From cutting on your spending cost to opening a vacation fund, here are some inventive ways to tuck away some Benjamins for your next itinerary.

#1. Dedicated Savings Account

Most of us have one or several accounts, most of which are current or savings accounts for some other more ‘important’ things. Since traveling is considered a luxury by many, little attention is given to it in regard to prior financial preparations; until the time you decide to pack your bags and end up withdrawing cash previously meant for those other priorities. Opening a savings account purposely dedicated to your vacations will ensure that you are ever prepared to take on even an abrupt weekend getaway. Better, have the savings debited directly from your main account so that you are not tempted to use it before hand. With an ATM card, you can withdraw from your vacation fund from wherever and also use it for your online booking payments.

#2. Belt tightening

With a tight monthly budget and enormous financial responsibilities, travel expenses can take a toll on your already tight money. If you really need to take the vacation, it is times like this – and oh-so-many others – that you need to give up the 5 pairs of shoes and only go for one. Take time and go through your wardrobe and realize just how blessed you are with tens of dresses that could take you two months without purchasing another. What about the daily expensive taxi rides that can be substituted by public transport (it is not as bad as some tend to paint it). These little but vital sacrifices will help you funnel the extra bucks into your dedicated savings.

#3. Help a neighbor get a ride

Speaking of public transport (above), you might as well agree that it is not all that snug. For those who own personal automobiles that sometimes we tender to as little babes, did you know you could pocket several bills on your morning and evening rides to and from work? Ask your neighbors who do not have personal rides and go to the same direction as you to hop in and pay you the same amount as the public transport. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind, given the comfort and efficiency that comes with private means. At the end of the day, you will have some dough to channel towards your vacation fund.

#4. Yard sale

You do not necessarily have to do it the movies style; just take the stuff you no longer use in the house. If your baby is all grown up now and no longer uses the stroller, why not find some good value for it? With online e-commerce platforms like Jumia Services, it is easy and fast to access customers who are willing to purchase second hand items (in good state) to also save on cost. After selling several items, you will not only have cleared your house but most importantly, made extra money for your holiday.

#5. Your credit card could win you a trip

Many a times shopping malls and supermarkets run loyalty programs for customers who pay with their credit cards with big wins like a trip to some exotic destinations. When doing your monthly shopping and the impulsive purchases, allow your plastic money to do the magic for you. You might just be the lucky winner for a fully paid dream vacation.
With these innovating tips, it is now up to you to put initiative and make 2016 count by rewarding your hard work with a sweet vacation.

Written Josephine Wawira, Jumia Travel


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