People attentively listening to Dr Usi in Mulanje

By Kunkeyani Kumbepula


Mulanje Central Constituency is currently waltzing with the name of UTM Vice President and running-mate to Saulos Klaus Chilima in the May 21 tripartite elections, Dr Michael Manganya Usi, who on Friday conducted highly successful ‘Imbizo’ with constituents across the constituency to mobilise support and to rally the people around the party’s powerful vision of transformation.


At Nkola ground where the Vice President conducted the first ‘imbizo’, Group Village Headman Nkola lamented the high levels of poverty and hunger in her area saying her people are suffering and will even suffer from hunger this year because they have not realised adequate yield from their fields due to the lack of access to farm inputs. She also lamented the bad state of the road connecting her village to the main Blantyre Muloza tarmac road and requested Dr Usi to ensure that the Nkowa Bridge is fixed with cement when UTM takes over power after May 21 in order to ease mobility of the people.


In his speech Dr Usi, who is also UTM parliamentary aspirant for the constituency said poverty is dehumanising and has a way of eroding the people’s dignity.

He said he is aware that people in the area are currently suffering under the jaws of poverty and that it was the reason he was conducting the dialogue meetings with the people in order to appreciate the depth of their challenges and to craft common solutions.


“I am very locally born and bred; i know poverty and what suffering in these villages is all about. This is why it pains me to see people who have all along neglected you coming  back to give you bicycles and asking you to vote for them again so that they  continue to plunder government resources.

“I am thus urging you all to do away with DPP and to vote for UTM in the forthcoming election because  it is the only party  which has your common interests at the top of its agenda,  and one which  will not  only remember you during elections like what DPP is doing,” said Usi.


He added that there is just so much stealing in the current DPP government, and that it is a shame that some Malawians cannot see and are still clapping hands calling the ruling party’s fat cats ‘big men’ instead  of getting angry and treating them for who they are.

Added Usi: “I am urging you all to desist from being docile people who just fold their hands and watch whilst the people you elected as duty bearers continue to plunder government resources with reckless abandon. This is the time for you to show your power and to use it to remove these thieves so that this country progresses on a path of development.”


Dr Usi also said that it is under the DPP government that people with albinism have been visited with untold suffering adding that government has just electrocuted the only person whose testimony was crucial in the investigation of the death of a 14 year boy with albinism in Dedza.

He said UTM will ensure that there is adequate protection for “ our friends with albinism” because this country belongs to all of us.


The tour took the UTM Vice President from Nkola Village through Village Headman Njema and Village Headman Nkunthanguwo  and Mulanje Mission.

During the Imbizo’s, He also donated motorcycles to help ease the mobility of some party leaders in the constituency. Other speakers at the ‘Imbizos’ were the Constituency Governor, Zone chairmen and group villages headmen.

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