LAGOS-(MaraviPost)-Gossip and watch out ladies! One of the biggest gamble in life, is to use and deceive another human being to gain certain benefits from them, and discard them afterwards thinking they will not retaliate.

This is the story of an unidentified beautiful lady, who has reportedly gone mad and is displaying signs of insanity, allegedly after breaking up with her boyfriend who has been catering for her from senior high school to university in Nigeria.

In the video circulating on social media, the said graduate is seen completely nude on the street, unconscious of her surrounding and the state she is in.

Thus is the result of the pain she caused a man who cared for her almost half her life, and the man after feeling cheated decided to resort to black magic to teach her a deadly lesson.

Watch video below;


It is sad indeed, but while some men are forgiving, others will not sit around and wait for Karma to do it’s job, and that is the unfortunate grave this beautiful lady dug for herself.


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