Cattle rearing is a private business that shouldn’t claim human lives or take over people’s properties. Other countries practice ranching yet people aren’t buying expensive meat and milk.

Nigeria is a country with people who have diverse beliefs, a secular state. If Nigeria is safe, no doubt every other country around it would also be safe. 

Meanwhile, Miyetti Allah has proven to be stubborn and more powerful than the Federal Government. It is on record that this same group threatened the peace and harmony of this country on national television – with government backing.

Human life can never be measured with that of a cow. People have been living in fear because of Fulani herdsmen who are terrorising people’s farms. These terrorists called Fulani herdsmen have killed, raped and maimed innocent people throughout the country.

It is  unfortunate that a terrorist organisation like Miyetti Allah chose cattle at the expense of human lives. The question is, should we begin to refer to cattle as senior citizens simply because we want to continue eating beef?

It’s better for those who wish to eat beef to pay N5 million for a cow and live in peace than to buy a cow cheaply at the expense of human lives. The incessant killings in Nigeria by the nomadic Fulani herdsmen is unavoidable, especially with the mindset we have in power today.

Of what benefit should a cow be sold for N5 million when the masses are struggling to buy food products at very exorbitant prices due to the destruction of inherent attacks that prevent farmers from going to farm by the same terrorist group called Fulani herdsmen.

If Miyetti Allah cannot obey the Anti-Open Grazing Bill, they should move all their cattle to the North and continue with their open grazing over there. The wickedness caused by these herders is beyond redemption.

No doubt, Miyetti Allah has taken Nigerians for granted. It shows that they derive pleasure and happiness in seeing innocent people being slaughtered by their agents of darkness called Fulani herdsmen.

For too long Northern politicians have used Miyetti Allah as a political tool to disturb other regions. The country has witnessed horrible situations between farmers and the terrorists who masquerade as Fulani herdsmen.

Innocent blood is being spilled to advance the campaign for cattle rearing on people’s farms. It is shameful that we should be talking about open grazing in the 21st. This campaign is even more awkward considering the fact that cattle rearing is a private business.

A typical Fulani man is an angry man. So It is time for Miyetti Allah to stop disturbing Nigerians with their personal businesses. They should plead with the Northern governors to give them access to open grazing.

Those who are interested in eating beef will travel to the North to buy it, especially now that the Buhari dictatorship claims that our railway system is now “working perfectly.”

People want to go to their farms without nursing the fear of getting killed by some terrorists who pretend to be herdsmen. Why then would Miyetti Allah oppose the Anti-Open Grazing Bill?

Some developing countries are already channeling their resources towards Agri-technology, while in Nigeria we are here having conversations about open-grazing.

Finally, Miyetti Allah should abide by the law, that’s if they want a lasting solution to the killings and kidnappings by their own kinsmen.

Cattle breeding is different from poultry farming. Poultry has created numerous job opportunities for thousands of people. Miyetti Allah should emulate such methods to create job opportunities for people who are looking for jobs.

If Miyetti Allah are not behind all these killings and kidnappings in the country by so called Fulani herdsmen, then they should adopt ranching to curb insecurity in Nigeria.

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