Allan Ntata
Z Allan Ntata

Malawi sits on the cusp of a momentous change. We are at the time in our history where decisions we take today will influence the lives of generations to come. Like in everything else in life, we have two choices. We can choose to sit back and watch or take action. We can either kick down the mental barriers being created which have hitherto been barriers of our social political and economic emancipation, or alternatively, we can sit on our laurels and allow the perverted minds of a few to complete their agenda of not only economic enslavement, but political bondage as well through a minority tribal manipulation.I am only too aware that the apologists of the current status quo will come out with their knives sharpened not only to cut my arguments down but my throat as well.

They are welcome!

As I have said many times, we should not be afraid to appeal to all Malawians to open their eyes and look at the events with objectivity and engage their brains aright. If you detach yourself sufficiently, you will come to the same conclusion as mine that the momentum of an elitist political class is emerging.

The drive for a tribal and dynastical control of our politics, economy and armed forces is gathering pace by the hour. All the while, and without any sense of shame, they proceed with impunity unseen in our political history.

I must point out that it was not without good cause and truly engaged debate amongst the political architects of our nationhood, who fought against imperial forces that they realised that any fight against oppression of a people could not be won on the narrow basis of tribal or dynastical formations. Tribal formations and tribal dynasties would not have given us the “freedom” we take for granted today. For this reason, our forefathers, Kamuzu, Orton Chirwa, Chisiza and Chipembere and KanyamaChiume, just to mention a few fought for our liberation alongside other likeminded patriots throughout Africa. They deliberately suppressed narrow ethnic imperatives for the greater good of the nation states.

Malawi’s Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda was no saint, but neither was he an exception when he preached that there would be no Tumbuka, no Tonga, no Lambya, no Nyakyusa, no Chewa, no Ngoni, no Yao, no Mang’anja, no Lomwe and no Sena but simply Malawians. He understood that the compartmentalization of Malawians into small entities would not be viable for purposes of driving a national agenda.

Admittedly, no system is fool proof. Even as he preached this, others continued to pursue purely tribalistic agendas, which saw certain tribes favouring their own for educational opportunities overseas, University of Malawi places and even the recruitment processes into influential positions. One remembers the bile that was spewed by those who felt aggrieved during the run up to the 1993 referendum. Kamuzu was accused of favouring Chewas. They cited such positions as Army Commander coming from Mchinji, Inspector General of Police from Dedza, Secretary to the President and Cabinet coming from the central region. Indeed the title of “Chairman” was synonymous with one politician from the central region.

Yet people today look back with some sense of nostalgia that perhaps Kamuzu was better after all.  This is simply because in spite of his weaknesses at least he had a vision.

As we ponder the current events, we must remove ourselves from useless crowds who feed on hysteria. Malawi will outlive us all. It is our country. The resources we have are God given and they are not about to run out. We are to manage them efficiently so that each one of us is taken out of indigence. Our fight then must be to ensure that we bequeath our nation to the coming generations as a going concern, not a bankrupt entity. .

We must also remember that the war against imperialism was never fully won. We won a political battle, but the war rages on! The control of our political, economic and religious destinies still remains firmly in the hands of whites through their surrogates. The agendas of so-called NGOs are more often than not determined by their funders. The Bretton Woods institutions continue to define the economic direction of our country and I dare say that the geriatric GoodallGondwe can do nothing about it. The majority of our political formations are beholden to the donors. The ages old principle of divide and rule has been perfected by stealth. They come in our midst and throw a few breadcrumbs and we fall over each other for the larger share! Power, real political power continues to be exercised in London and Washington.

In our brainwashed overzealousness for all things foreign, our embrace of their divisive system has become our Achilles heel. As if blinded by the glitter of the gold that they dangle in our faces, we have become oblivious of the abyss we are staring into in our quest to appease.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

We seem to be sleep talking when we speak about national unity. In practice we have fallen victim to the manipulative machinations of our former masters because we want to partake in their glitter!

If there is anyone who doubts that a Mutharika political dynasty supported by an elitist tribal grouping through illegal enrichment is in the process of consolidation, then you are more dead than alive. Remember that it was Peter Mutharika who presided over the genesis of the dismantling of our education system when he was Minister of Education in his brother’s government. He has systematically continued to dismantle the once excellent education system and is slowly but surely replacing it with mediocrity unparalleled. In so doing he hopes to keep the masses in perpetual ignorance in a classic structure of manipulation and control.

Our only hope of saving this country is to mobilise ourselves just we mobilised ourselves in the fight against colonialism. This is the only way in which every Malawian can be a master of his or her own destiny, and the only way in which we can collectively be capable of creating our own realities.

We fought the British and we won. We fought against one party dictatorship and we won. We fought against Muluzi’s third term bid and we won. We can do it again, but the time is now.

Mahatma Gandhi would have put it thus: “Even if you are in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth”


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