When we think about common educational materials and tools, things that typically cross our minds are books, lectures, academic papers, etc. All these types of knowledge sources have been around for decades. And, there is no need to sugarcoat it – in the modern world, they already feel rather outdated and extremely boring.

But the good news is that education is no longer “no fun,” in fact, these days, it can be pretty engaging given the variety of alternative educational materials and tools available to us. Today, we have a chance to study on the go, in the form of the game, and even while simply listening to our favorite podcasts.

Sounds pretty cool, right? If you also want to start learning from podcasts, set aside your boring textbooks and homework, or better delegate it to a reliable paper writer service in usa, and read on to learn about the best education podcasts out there. Let’s dive in!

1.  The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Philosophy has always been a tough one. This academic field is vast and all-encompassing. Not to mention how hard to understand and boring it gets from time to time. So, there is no wonder why students often struggle with this subject.

If you wish that learning philosophy and the history of its development was fun, then this podcast is the right pick. In The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps, an experienced Professor Peter Adamson tells listeners about the historical context, lives, and ideas of the greatest minds. He provides information in a fun and easy-to-understand way to help students master the subject and pass their Philosophy courses with ease.

2.  50 Things that Made the Modern Economy

The next podcast on our list is meant for everyone interested in the economy and its history. And it has a lot to teach you. So, find a reliable essay service like to delegate your homework, and listen to this great podcast right now. Rest assured, it definitely has something for you!

Unlike the rest educational podcasts on our list, this one isn’t ongoing. It is more like a documentary series that come in the form of a podcast. From the 50 Things that Made the Modern Economy, you will learn about the top ideas, innovations, and inventions that brought us to the point where we are now in terms of economy. It is a must-listen for all economy students.

3.  Hardcore History

Whether you like it or not, History is one of those subjects you will be facing multiply on your academic path. This subject is among the mandatory ones in schools, and there are quite a few reasons for that. After all, how can we create a better future not knowing about our past?

If you are constantly struggling with your History course, you are not alone there. This subject can get pretty tough and boring, which is why thousands of students prefer to entrust their history homework to an essay writer from EssayHub. But the Hardcore History podcast is an absolute game-changer.

This podcast is one of the best ones on this subject. Its host, Dan Carlin, has a unique ability to make any topic engaging. From this podcast’s episodes, you will learn about the core historical events and will have lots of fun. So, be sure to give it a try!

4.  TED Talks Daily

It is hard to imagine that there is anyone who has never heard of TED Talks. These mind-blowing conferences always have something for everyone. But, not many know that TED Talks are also available in the form of daily podcasts.

One thing that makes TED Talks Daily so great is that it spans a huge variety of topics. By listening to this podcast, you will get exposed to hours of mind-expanding, inspiring, motivating, and, of course, fun content. It is definitely one of the best educational podcasts out there.

5.  Brain Science

The human brain is indeed fascinating and, at the same time, an extremely complicated organ. For centuries, people have been studying how it works. If you are also interested in how your own brain operates, you’ve got to try Brain Science, and we bet that you will never want to stop listening to it!

In Brain Science, Dr. Ginger Campbell discusses the latest findings and main concepts of neuroscience. The host also regularly conducts interviews with the world’s leading neuroscientists to help you understand the nature of the human brain better. One more thing worth noting is that, despite such a serious and complex topic, the content in this podcast is presented in a very laid-back and simple manner. Thus, each of you should enjoy it regardless of your current knowledge on the topic.

6.  Discovery – BBC World Service

If you are into sciences, one of the best podcasts to try is Discovery. As you can see, this podcast is created by no one else but one of the world’s most known broadcasting corporations – BBC. And it definitely has a lot for you to learn.

In Discovery, you will hear about some of the most mind-expanding and fun facts about science. The podcast spans a huge number of topics, which makes it so special and engaging. By listening to it, you can learn more about some serious topics like plate tectonics and, at the same time, will find answers to the craziest questions like how to bake a perfect cake with the help of chemistry or why people dream. You definitely should listen to it!

The Bottom Line

Podcasts have been rather popular in the past years. They are exciting and fun to listen to, which makes them a great option to pass the time. And, at the same time, they can be educational too!

In this article, we told you about the six most exciting and high-quality podcasts that you can learn from. Each podcast from our list has been recognized as one of the best in its subject matter. So, whichever one you choose for yourself, you will definitely enjoy it!

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