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Throughout history, great people of the world have created magnificent pieces of art. Parks, castles, temples, palaces, squares, theaters, and other great examples of human’s heritage astonish us at their beauty. There are hundreds of romantic sites in most romantic cities of our planet, but this time we are going to tell you about those that were created by people.

  1. Rila Monastery
    Rila Monastery

    Rila Monastery, Bulgaria. It is hard to explain why Christian temples look so romantic. The Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila that is located not far from the Bulgarian capital Sofia, is a vivid example of this statement. It was established in 978 by a hermit St. Ivan of Rila. The monastery remains one of the most beautiful Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria and the whole world due to its incredible gold-plated iconostasis and bright frescos. The architecture and calm atmosphere of this site instill greatness and appeasement.

  2. La Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium. Brussels is considered one of the most romantic cities in Europe. La Grand Place is its most important and memorable tourist sites. It is a big square in the city center, so it has a great historical value. The square is surrounded with luxurious buildings dating from the late 17th century. They include the City Hall and the Breadhouse – the crucial institutions of every European city. Every two years La Grand Place (or Grote Markt in Germany) is decorated with a huge carpet of flowers.
  3. Griffith Observatory
    Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles,

    Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California. L. A. can hardly be called one of the most romantic cities on the planet. Despite of being a place where dreams come true, these dreams also very fragile here. Nevertheless, there is a great romantic spot here. Griffith Observatory is considered even more attractive for tourists then The Hollywood Walk of Fame or The Dolby Theatre. Here you can observe the most impressive panorama of the city of stars. Moreover, there is a magical cosmic exhibition inside that will impress you regardless of your knowledge in astronomy.

  4. Mont-Saint-Michel, France. What is the most romantic city in the world? According to a common stereotype, it is Paris. We won’t argue with this statement, but we have to clarify something. France is a gorgeous country and there are more fantastic sites besides its capital. There is a small island in the waters of Normandy. In the middle of 16th century, an abbey was built there. Later this castle had been surrounded by village, and now it represents a complex town. A romantic city Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the most visited destinations in France. Now you have one more idea where to go in this country.
  5. Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany. The most notable European castle looks so magical and unreal, that it’s hard to understand it is real. Indeed, the fairy tale architecture of Neuschwanstein is a real-life model of Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland. The Bavarian castle is located in a deep picturesque forest and is surrounded by mountains. This area is also known for its amazing crystal-blue lakes and waterfalls.
  6. Todai-ji Temple, Nara Prefecture, Japan. An ancient Buddhist temple Todai-Ji was established approximately in the middle of the 8th century. It is one of other seven local Buddhist temples, that are called Nanto Shichi Daiji.  Todai-Ji is a marvelous Asian pagoda located in a picturesque woodland. Inside there is the Great Buddha Hall, where a huge statue of Buddha is located. The local woodland is also a habitat of cute Nara deer. They roam around the area and you can even touch them. Here you can feel untitled with spirits and nature.


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