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Tony Blair with New Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema

Former British prime minister Tony Blair was in Malawi, Zambia and other African countries despite numerous calls from the general public for President Lazarus Chakwera and other African leaders not hire him or seek his advice.

Blair, who arrived on a private jet around 5am today, claimed  to be on private visit.

Zimbabwean Hopewell Chin’ono writes on Facebook, Zambia must not look or sound too desperate for Western acceptance and endorsement.

Tony Blair
Go back to united Kingdom Tony Blair, No one needs your unsolicited advise

I disagree with Zambian Foreign Minister on Tony Blair.

He is there for the money and has no reputation building that he can do for them.

They should not focus on laundering their image with people like Blair when they can do it for themselves by simply doing the right things.

Only dictatorships hire image launderers like Blair! To say Tony Blair coming to Zambia is a boost of confidence is misplaced and a failure to understand how Blair operates.

Chakwera meets his advisor Tony Blair blamed for Cashgate

Malawi24 writes; Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who faced questions over the cashgate scandal having served as President Joyce Banda adviser is meeting his advisee President Lazarus Chakwera. Blair runs a Delivery Unit at State House.

MwanaMwa X. Nkhoma mockingly writes Tony Blair who has an office at “Malawi State House” being the Lazarus Chakwera’s official advisor is said to have “sneaked into” the country on a private jet (unbelievably without Chakwera’s knowledge – State House confirmed that the Advisee/Chakwera was not aware of the private trip). When the President became aware that his “personal advisor” was in the country on a private trip, reports Malawi Times, Lazarus Chakwera invited his advisor to a meeting at State House… Zili kuno: Pamajiga.

For years, a single question has swirled around Tony Blair’s work as an official adviser to the Kazakhstani government: How much is the deal between Blair and Astana worth? The relationship, now entering its sixth year, has seen estimates range as high as $27 million, but Blair’s team has stated that any financial information remains “obviously confidential.”

A new series of documents, however, can help shed a bit more light on the financial remuneration Blair and his camp have received in return for their service in massaging Kazakhstan’s image for Western audiences. According to emails leaked to The Daily Mail, Blair’s team pitched their efforts to President Nursultan Nazarbayev for £5.3 million a year. Among the items included within Blair’s package are a “Political Advice and Positioning Module,” tagged at £1.85 million annually, and £1.78 million annually for helping Nazarbayev – the Soviet-era leader who recently won reelection with 98 percent of the vote – maintain the “rule of law.”

The documents show that Tony Blair Associates, Blair’s advisory vehicle, also wanted a further £770,000 for running a civil service academy.The information, coming via a tranche of some 30 leaked emails, also shows that Blair’s team placed the onus on Astana for providing “all travel arrangements for visits by Tony Blair, including first-class hotel accommodation, all transportation … [and] appropriate catering and any other costs” when Blair visited the country. One of the emails from Jonathan Powell, Blair’s former chief of staff, noted the former prime minister would could meet with Nazarbayev every three to six months, though it is unclear if this pace has come to pass. Another document touts Nazarbayev’s “relationship” with Austria’s former chancellor, Alfred Gusenbauer, who has lobbied on Kazakhstan’s behalf in Europe for years.

Go back to United Kingdom Tony Blair, No one needs your unsolicited advice

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