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Malawi Presidential running mates debate set for March 7

A signed letter from the ruling party with  a signature of the Secretary General shunning debates on both presidential and running mate are a waiver that the ruling party has failed the promise of democracy, multiparty and rule of law.

As we strive to deepen our roots of democracy and the rule of law DPP is technically throwing a “white towel” in resignation. This is surrender.

MEC is asked to delist DPP as a contending political party in 2019.

Malawi declared never again shall dictatorship and one party state be retained in this country, which was a covenant that sworn all political parties incumbent and upcoming that they will join the bandwagon of multiple ideas and norms.

DPP has just resigned to rule the nation with their letter.

Seeing the ruling party failing to adhere to the principles of democracy automatically make Peter Mutharika and Everton Chimulirenji disqualifying themselves.

There are a number of failed principles that DPP and President Peter Mutharika have shown and their letter indicate surrendering or giving up before the bell rings.

– Saunders Jumah the Utopian –

Maenga will go full throttle campaigning against DPP and lobby the people of Malawi to choose or elect political parties that have been participating in national dialogue such as debates, interviews and other programs that make politicians accountable to the electorate.

President Peter Mutharika and his ruling party have been taking citizens of Malawi for granted, they has also cut the umbilical cord with the people of the country.

By abandoning national debates, DPP and President Peter Mutharika are ashamed of the failure and pitiful situation our political economy and social standing Malawi has become in 5 years under them.

Maenga and all democratic platforms don’t need wasting time persuading DPP and its presidential candidates to come for debates but decamping them to get out from the process and team of building and strengthening democracy in Malawi.

In and outside the nutshell DPP has shown that it is a killing party, taking in mind their violent stance against other democratic forces.

The way DPP has incubated their youth (cadets) is a true reflection that this is not party to be included or be part of the democratic movement for reform and transformation of Malawi.

To those of you participating in a debate today and others to follow must know Malawi is a nation craving for a dispensation that unites than divide, craving for a Malawi that believes in multiple and contra minds in our resolve to develop this nation to greater heights.

Single handed thinking has made Malawi to remain behind for 55 years, we are not about to go back to that again.

We don’t mind who the president of Malawi can be as long as he/she is a people oriented.

We may have a ruling party from where-else as long as members of the party are not pompous, of impunity, not selfish, state looters and thieves.

DPP has got no muscle and stamina to stand for the Malawi we all yearn for.


Saunders Jumah the Utopian

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