President Lazarus Chakwera cautioned

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—After prominent scholars were tried and found wanting for the highest job, dejected Malawians breathed a sigh of relief in 2020 when they saw a man of God, Lazarus Chakwera, emerging a winner in the Court-sanctioned fresh presidential election last year.

His strong spiritual background combined with topnotch campaign speeches was enough to resurrect Malawians from the depth of despair, and they responded by unanimously voting the Reverend into power hoping for better Malawi for all.

The election in 2020 of the former opposition leader, who denounced the economic failure and corruption of his predecessor Peter Mutharika’s regime, had raised a wave of hope in the small landlocked southern African country.

But the first major demonstration on Friday last week since the elections showed the disillusionment of a population whose plight has been further aggravated by the Covid crisis.

The President, sadly, seems to be ignorant of hardships citizens are passing through.

Considering the embarrassment that men of God are facing, Apostle Emmanuel Zakumbuyo of the Light of Glory Assembly International Church has written President Chakwera to do a soul searching saying what he is doing is contrary to the word of God he preached to multitudes for several years under the Assemblies of God.

“Your Excellency Sir, it is more understandable for people to suffer in the hands of the unbeliever unlike to suffer in the hands of a believer, a man of God. You are bringing disgrace to the ministry,” Zakumbuyo has written in the letter.

Zakumbuyo says Chakwera was trusted because he is man of God, and as such, he must truly represent God in his reign.

“Speak as a leader of people and not as a prophet of doom.”

On the high cost of living, the Apostle has condemned the leadership of his fellow pastor for not putting in place measures to resuscitate the economy as other countries are doing.

Instead of inspiring hope, Zakumbuyo says Chakwera is busy instilling fear among the citizens by warning them to brace for more years of tough time.

“I am one of the pastors who prayed for you. I also encouraged the citizens in my church to exercise their constitutional right to vote. They hoped positive change. However, things are not that way.

“The prices of basic things have gone up drastically. I agree that globally things are up, but why is it that in our country the prices are so higher than our friends in the neighborhood. Looking at other countries, they have put in place visible measures to deal with their economic crisis. Why is it not the same with our country?” he argues.

“A good father always puts the poverty-eradicating measures open for his children to avoid unnecessary rebellion. Children and women may not argue with this father because his vision is made clearer to everyone. This is what is keeping a lot of broke fathers in marriages- Giving hope to the family.

“In this regard, as a man of God, all I see from your government are threats, fear-instilling, silencing the opposition, and promising people of tougher times ahead without clear hope as till when (projected time) you think the voter should wait before he sees food three times a day, buys a cheaper passport or driver’s license, buys cheaper fertilizer, builds decent house. I ask you to find measures and put them clear for everyone of how you will end this problem of HIGH COST OF LIVING since about 96% of the people who voted for you are suffering,” reads the letter.

On why the Apostle has decided to write the President, the letter indicates that it is revelation after meditating some scriptures in which he was taken to the realm of spirit.

There, he says “I saw many children, numberless infants carrying Malawian flag. I saw and heard them crying. They spoke a lot of things. They were complaining but there was no one to listen to them. Their cry made me cry too. It was a cry of torture.

“I was worried and my heart broke. Then, I heard the Holy Spirit telling me to go and look after them. I reluctantly went. The moment I went there I saw a lion. One of the children told me that the lion was assigned to look after them, but it was not doing its duty. It was sleeping. The child continued to tell me that many children died in the hands of predators while the lion looked on powerless.

“As I was listening to this child, I heard again from the same Spirit of the Lord, “Tell the children that I have rejected the lion because it has no teeth now. The lion cannot prevail against predators. It has lost value.”

On 15 September 2018, President Lazarus Chakwera, then serving as the Opposition leader, released a statement titled “My first hundred days as president”.

In it, he identified three priorities. The first was creating jobs and wealth. Declaring war on theft was the second and Restructuring state institutions, the third.

Columnist Mapwiya Muulupale in ‘Talking Blues’ of 21st November argued that “it is clear that when making those commitments, President Chakwera was probably unaware of Woody Allen’s wise words: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans”. Or else, giddy with whatever, he wanted to make God laugh out loud.”

Early this month Chakwera warned that the road ahead is long, winding and bumpy before arriving to the promised paradisal, smooth and comfortable destination.

“We must not imagine that it is possible to make these corrections without pain,” Chakwera said, contrary to what he promised Malawians during campaign..

Chakwera, who in his inaugural address on Independence Day last year promised Malawians that he would devote his time and energy in office making corrections to the multiple systemic problems that had ruined the country’s economy, taxes, infrastructure, nationhood, resolve, institutions, the public services, said there was need to make serious sacrifices in order to nurse Malawi’s failing economy back to health.

Meanwhile, Malawians, led by comedian-cum-politician Bon Kalindo, have held demonstrations demanding Chakwera to keep his campaign promises to create one million jobs and boost the economy.

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