Allan Ntata
Z Allan Ntata


Your Excellency,
I am told you spoke to one of your advisors saying that because of our friendship and in the interest of maintaining good relations between us, you never expected me to ridicule you.

I’m not really sure what you mean by that, but I think that someone may have reported to you what I said on this page, when I asserted that you seem to have relinquished your administration to some assistant and have yourself become a puppet. Let me assure you I did not attack you, your Excellency, but simply responded to their attacks on me.

I have noted how there are so many in the party who are resentful that I am doing what I can to illuminate on what is going on in your administration, and serving the Republic as well as I can given the circumstances.

What I have been saying is that that a relative and assistant of yours, to whom you cannot ever say no on anything, has been misleading you and convincing you to do things that will harm not only your presidential legacy, but also the republic in the end. I also reminded people that I have never asked you for any position, nor for any favours, but that rather, I was thankful that you had respected my decision to pursue my career interests elsewhere. I continued that it is a pity that our partnership in the glorious and noble task of serving the country had been undermined by one or two of your close associates who are essentially afraid you might chart the right course that would prevent them from amassing corrupt wealth as they are doing at the moment.

My respect for you has not, as you have been wrongly informed, wavered at all, but has remained constant, even when your boys have waged a relentless character assassination campaign on me.

I hope you appreciate, your Excellency, that when a small group of uneducated and incompetent people control a nation simply because of their proximity to you, or some other advantage, they are simply a faction, even if they are called a democracy. On the other hand, your mandate to govern, even when legitimately obtained through an election, can only be maintained when your governing pays close attention to the wishes of the people, and your exercising of that mandate is within the boundaries of the law, and without the arrogance and the abuses we are seeing in your administration.


When there is tension between the common people and the government because of roughshod decisions and actions, then the moral mandate to govern is quickly lost and an administration continues only because of the letter of the law rather than its spirit.

Your Excellency, in the state ruled by the kind of villains and scoundrels who ran things during that nefarious dictatorship period of our history, no rewards could have enticed me to side with them (rewards mean little to me, no matter how much they might benefit me personally), nor could any threats (though I must admit that even the best of us can be moved by fear of personal danger). But you are, your Excellency, the most powerful man in Malawi, and you earned the mantle of leadership through a legitimate election. I supported you from the beginning of your push for this leadership and especially when we together disapproved of the Joyce Banda regime because I was hopeful you would not descent into that despicable path of arrogance and of being just a figurehead leader like Kamuzu Banda became in his latter days. I also had the same enemy in Joyce Banda as you did. Considering all this, I did not mind the name-calling and the damage to my reputation that I had to endure during that time.

I want to be clear, however, that I have been expecting you to be a more decisive leader like your late brother was. For example, I did not expect that you would go begging and pleading to an assistant who had resigned, tearfully imploring him to stay. I am certain that your more exalted brother would not have allowed himself to sink that low.

It is disappointing that you are allowing individuals with questionable credentials, dubious motives and debatable ability to have such a formidable influence on your exercise of power simply under the banner of loyalty. Do not get me wrong, your Excellency, I value loyalty immensely. I just believe however that in politics, it is irresponsible to mistake loyalty for ability, and to take an unwavering stand supporting so called loyal friends when they clearly are misleading you and plunging your administration into the depths of corruption and other governance failures.

Your Excellency, in political leadership, it is our vision that must remain constant, not our friends, for our friends’ motives and agendas are fleeting and constantly changing like the wind.




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