Juliana LunguziIn a move aimed at promoting girl child education in Malawi National Girl’s Education Network on Thursday in Lilongwe urged stakeholders and government to join hand in fighting against illiteracy levels of a girl child.

The revelations were made during a Sixth National Girls’ Education Network meeting with new mission: to contribute to the achievement of National Education Strategy Plan through support of the implementation of the National Girls Strategy and National Girls Education Communication Strategy.


“We have decided to engage different stakeholder (NGOs, CSOs and government) to discuss and brainstorm the challenges a girl child faces in education. Early marriage and early pregnancy are critical areas that have to be discussed during the meeting,” revealed TfaC Country Director Doug Kirke Smith in an interview.

He expressed optimism that the interface meeting on girl child education is of great impact to the education development of the country since it will map girl’s education activities and identify the gaps that result to low levels of education in a wider context and tackle those challenges.

Member of Parliament for Dedza east Juliana Lunguzi, bemoaned the tendency of parent forcing a girl child into early marriages that is limiting factor affecting education sector in Malawi hence resulting to poor quality in most of schools. Among other factors that hinders education system; insufficient infrastructures, teachers and poor mobilization of early childhood development, are among the least that jeopardize girl child education.

In her sentiments she cited that for education to improve government and organization should focus on adult literacy and household level of education to promote girl child school. “The meetings like these should also be held in typical village together with the young girl child to avoid future hiccups in as far us education development is concerned,” lamented Linguzi.  

The NGEN meeting is of paramount importance in education system Malawi as it ought to highlight most common challenges and solutions for successfulness of country. The findings of the meeting provide platform for sharing experiences in girl child education. To deny a girl child from going to school is violation of human right according to the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of Child (ACRWC) requirements therefore, policies to protect the children in Malawi need to be demonstrated effectively.  

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