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The game of online bingo no deposit is played in countries all over the world although there are many differences in how the game is played. 

Though it may have changed a fair amount since it was first created, Bingo has remained recognisable and is increasing in its popularity with every passing year. 

This has been hugely helped by the online creation of Bingo games, specific websites and apps.

Whether you are looking to play in the UK or elsewhere in the world, there are plenty of ways in which Bingo is accessible to you, even if you are travelling abroad or even emigrating. 

If this is the case for you then this article is definitely worth a read because playing Bingo is a great way to make new friends who all share a love for one common factor…Bingo! 

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Bingo is the ideal way to keep your brain active, it is high paced and is a great way to unwind after a long day.  Playable by anyone, there are no particular rules, skills or strategies needed for you to be able to participate so all you need to do is find the best Bingo game for you and start playing straight away. 

Playing Bingo in the UK

Though many people think that there are strong links between Bingo and the UK, many other countries have equally just as convincing stories that may give us an indication as to the origin of Bingo. 

The history of British Bingo as we would recognise it was actually only recorded as of the 60s, so countries like America and Germany have been playing Bingo for a lot longer apparently.  Despite the Brits being one of the most Bingo obsessed countries with over 4 million players, this has not always been the case, but it has been massively assisted by the online Bingo world.

It is no longer stereotypically associated with the older generations and is now more than acceptable for younger members of society to openly play.  Younger players are now more interested in playing Bingo because they do not have to specifically go to a Bingo hall to be able to participate and with our lives being fuller and faster than ever, the ability to be able to multi-task is hugely important. 

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With so many options of how Bingo can be played online, there are plenty of options for players of all ages to be able to participate in at any time of the day or night, with 90, 80 and 75 ball Bingo being the most popular ways in which to play online. 

Playing Bingo in Italy

This is the country in which many people believe Bingo to have its roots with many people being led to believe that there is proof of Bingo being played here since 1530.  Obviously, not every country wants to agree with this but the Italian remain proud of this potential fact. 

Due to this, there are still many Bingo halls readily available for players to venture in to spread around Italy with the online Bingo world not seemingly having affected this side of Bingo playing at all.

The Italian Bingo is said to have come about through its connection to the Italian National Lottery and has multiple similarities. 

Though Bingo may not be the initial thing you think of when you are visiting Italy, with pasta and pizza taking over your mind, you should go and visit an Italian Bingo hall.  The Italians are hugely welcome so don’t get put off by their competitive nature when it comes to playing their favourite national game. 

Playing Bingo in America

Though Bingo in the US started life being known as Beano, there have been few changes to the game since it first appeared in 1927.  It was a popular game that travelled through the different States of the country with the carnivals as another way of drawing in a crowd.  One person, Mr Edward Lowe, was particularly fascinated at not only the size of the crowd it drew but the length of time people wanted to play this game for.

Realising its popularity, Lowe made a couple of changes to the original game he had seen with the carnival and travelled through the States with his variation of Bingo.  It was played at parties, charity events, auctions, and more with people of all social classes desperately awaiting his arrival in their State. 

Nearly a century later, the Americans still enjoy playing a very recognisable game of Bingo, though they tend to play 75 ball Bingo more often than any other type.  However, the most common reason for Bingo in the US is not for recreation but is use in the education system, just as it is in Germany. 

Who Else Loves Bingo?

Many other countries have a deep love for Bingo.  The Germans have seemingly been playing Bingo since the 1880s and it has a very close resemblance to that of the UK style of Bingo.  Used primarily as an educational tool, Bingo in Germany originated from their Lottospiel, or National Lottery, but is generally seen as a higher risk game to play than Bingo in the UK.

Behind the Brits, interestingly the Romanians are the second biggest Bingo players in the world.  There may be a lot of laws surrounding gambling, but since the 90s, Bingo halls and online Bingo have been increasing in their popularity at an incredible speed.  This has been down to the huge popularity of the Bingo TV shows which is loved so much by the Romanian nation that it wins annual awards.

Despite laws being incredibly strict in Sweden, online Bingo is permitted to be played and it is not governed by their state.  Interestingly, the players of Swedish Bingo are generally a lot younger than other comparable countries and their Bingo style is incredibly similar to the Bingo that Brits would be familiar with so it is very easy to transfer your skills.  With 90 and 75 ball Bingo being the games of choice here, you can start playing as soon as your plane lands.


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