Juliana LunguziThe people of Dedza East sent a birthday Message to their representative in Parliament MP Juliana Lunguzi. The Message in part read:

“Whereas since 2013, when you joined frontline politics to serve us; you have been making us the envy of Malawi due to your diligence, patriotism and servant leadership;


Whereas we are so glad that we embraced you;

Now therefore,

We the people of Dedza East herewith unanimously resolve that ife tili nga! nga! nga! pambuyo panu Mayi wathu okondedwa.

More fire in Malawi Parliament Namulangeni! Viva Dedza East! Viva Malawi! Wokwiya nanu akakolope Lake Malawi!

Happy, happy, Birthday! We wish you many, many more to come!”


Juliana Lunguzi also received Messages from MCP Speaker of the house Richard Msowoya and many party Officials.


We at the Maravi Post would also like to take time to wish the hard working Member of Parliament for Dedza East Juliana Lunguzi a Happy birthday.

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