Norman Chisale Finallty FREE ON Bond

The High Court in Blantyre after many delays and unexplainable reasons, has granted bail to former President Peter Mutharika’s private bodyguard Norman Chisale.

Among the conditions, Chisale has been ordered to pay MK1 million bail bond and provide two blood relation sureties of MK500 thousand each.

Chisale was arrested for attempted murder after he ‘accidentally’ shot a woman in Blantyre.

History of the Case

The Magistrate Court in Lilongwe granted Chisale bail after he was arrested for his involvement in the purchase of cement using the duty-free privilege of Mutharika.

 But the bail was short-lived after Police rearrested him on attempted murder charges crime, he committed last year in Blantyre.

Chisale is being kept on remand at Chichiri Prison.

The Facts on the assault are clear. as a reminder, Over-zealous Malawi Police re-arrested Chisale on a charge of assault which took place in Blantyre sometime back. Observers actually agree Chisale was the victim who defended himself and accidentally shot an innocent victim.

State prosecutor told the court that Chisale will be taken in custody for that charge. According to local media Chisale reacted furiously in court, saying: “It’s too much. I am a person too and I feel pain.”

However, the twist is that the Malawi Police were aware, the woman who was shot by accident, by a stray bullet fired by Mr N.P Chisale few months back has withdrawn her complaint at Soche Police Station.

Chisale was attacked by three notorious ruffians in Chimwankhunda in an effort to defend himself, he shot a bullet targeting them unfortunately the woman was passing by.

Initially the woman withdrew the case but unfortunately, she never put it in writing hence today she had to do it formally.

It must be noted the woman was beautifully compensated for the inconveniences caused and body injury.

The matter between the woman was clearly settled but Lazarus Chakwera is going back to MCP style of using arrests as way of intimidating opposition.

As it is now, there is no case for this issue anymore. As it is not manslaughter or attempt to murder, it was nothing but an honest and decent mistake that can be done or happen to anyone.AN ACCIDENT!

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