KIGALI-(MaraviPost)-Rwanda unlike other countries seems to have very strict rules when it comes to nudity posted on social media.

Police in Rwanda have detained four young women who are facing charges of posting naked pictures of themselves on social media.

On last Friday the Rwandan Police’s Investigations Bureau (PIB) got a hold on the four young women and told them they could face up to two years behind bars or be subjected to a fine.

Source: Twitter

These nude’s were allegedly posted on the notorious Instagram. In the mist of being questioned the girls admitted that they were drunk when they commited the crime, one girl even said she didn’t even know what they did was considered a crime.

Source: Twitter

New information later surfaced that these women had actually been paid by an anonymous white man to parade their bodies for a certain fee. The man was apparently on a mission to actually sell their nudes.

Those that got reach of this story say this was just a stunt by the PIB to embarass these women, if not then why was the face of this so called anonymous man revealed. Why wasn’t there an investigation to hunt him down?

Furthermore, what about all the celebrities in Rwanda that post provocative pictures of themselves? We haven’t heard that they have been detained by the police!

Source: ZeeZondi

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