Female CondomA club with abundant resources, where you simply scatter seeds and harvest fruits and everybody is a friend and a welcome quest. A club where stories are told under the stars and songs are sung around the fire, where non alcoholism dwells and wisdom passed on to robust, hopeful young and old people.


That is the one big family CAYO, founder of Kawale Youth Centre the only way for youth counseling in an area, is trying to capture and preserve morals for generation to come.

On 17 January, in (Baluku) and Mangochi Township CAYO showcase the massive dance which stimulated people’s heart in their hundreds while sharing knowledge on Care female condoms during the campaign of 321 airtel service in collaboration with Population Service International. 321 service aims at informing the people of hearth and farming issues for better livelihood.

The club’s Patron Mr. Chipililo Nkhwimba, said it is the club’s goal to civic educate the public for better change in as far as health and farming issues are concern. CAYO working hand in hand in partnership with Psi Malawi to remind women of Care female condoms is exceptional (paramount importance).

“Care female condoms help the family in family planning like child spacing, not only that but also unwanted pregnancies can be avoided, transmission of HIV/AIDS and many others. This will help people to live heather in so doing enabling good yields in development since people will have power to work”, he said.

The campaign was organized with funding from the Department of International Development (DFID).

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