In just a day after millions of Kwachas and United States Dollars were found in former agriculture minister Dr George Chaponda’s house in area 10 in Lilongwe, it has been revealed that the fired minister’s worth has grown to a whopping K8 billion in just a space of two years.

George Chaponda
George Chaponda: worth over MK8 billion in just a space of two years

This is according to how Chaponda declared his assets in 2014 and 2016.

For example, in 2014 the fired agriculture minister registered six items with only four vehicles and one tractor.

However, in 2016 Chaponda who was the Foreign Affairs minister by then registered 51 items including 23 vehicles.

He is also reported to have different bank accounts within banks.

For instance, Chaponda has a special account for dollars, Euros and Kwachas in the National Bank of Malawi.

However, Chaponda has vehemently defended himself arguing that his source of wealth is not illegal as some Malawians might want others to believe.

He said he has different kinds of means of sourcing his wealth such as house rentals, hotel business, UN pension and his current salary among others.

Some political and economic pundits have however asked the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to investigate Chaponda saying no one can accumulate such wealth in just a space of two years.

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