Chakwera and Chilima at the court

Malawi has done it! Thanks to the five brave and competent judges of the constitutional court, the country has made international headlines for good reasons. A dodgy presidential election presided by a pack of jackals masquerading as the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has been nullified.

A team of a corrupt 80-year-old stone-age lawyer and his vice, who would never be given a job by any serious employer, has been disbanded a few months after being illegally forced on Malawians. The journey to fresh elections starts now.

With the help of correction fluid on result sheets, computer manipulation and MEC’s shameless raping of our constitution, Malawi was heading for disaster. The court verdict has stopped MEC from it’s ranking of candidates according to the wishes of a few tribesmen and not the aspirations of millions of Malawians.

Chilima leads demos for Mec Chair Ansah's resignation in Lilongwe
Chilima leads demos for Mec Chair Ansah’s resignation in Lilongwe

For me, the good news from the court means that Dr Saulos Chilima’s quest to rid Malawi of mediocrity, which took a detour, is now back on track. The courts ordered that Chilima reverts back to his position as Vice President of Malawi. Chilima was a favorite presidential candidate for me and millions of other Malawians.

The UTM presidential candidate was a game changer on Malawi’s political arena. He energized the youth as well as old people with his bold decision to dump the ruling Democratic Progress Party (DPP) to lead a people’s movement. He dumped DPP because President Peter Mutharika destroyed the once mighty and popular party with corruption and poor leadership style. Otherwise, many people within DPP felt Chilima was the best person to lead DPP and continue Bingu Wa Mutharika’s legacy of solid development promises and uplifting of people’s livelihoods.

While some greedy personalities left the fight to get rid of mediocrity, Chilima continued to lead those who believe that Malawi deserves better. He went through the marathon court hearings to the last day. He showed that a leader of a people’s movement does not quit in the middle of a fight. Apart from his stamina during the campaign period, Chilima demonstrated in the court fight that he is one hell of a hard worker and fighter. Chilima has demonstrated tremendous leadership skills.

The formation of UTM party under Chilima’s leadership created great enthusiasm in the Malawi 2019 election campaign. It was unfortunate that MEC decided to completely remove this enthusiasm by conducting the dodgiest election Malawians have ever witnessed.

The decision of the court in the election case obviously shows that the presidential results were not a true reflection of the popularity of the candidates. I dare say that was the case with the parliamentary election results too. There was heavy manipulation of the results to suit DPP agenda. Top on the list was   to politically kill popular Chilima and UTM by stealing as many votes as possible because under a free and fair election, Chilima and UTM would have won hands down.

Fortunately, Malawians refused to accept rigged elections and the courts have rescued the country from vultures. Malawians refused to accept that an 80-year-old frail man and his uneducated second in command should be imposed on the nation. The judges have sided with Malawians who lined up to vote early in the morning on 21st May 2019. History has been made. Justice has finally prevailed.

Like I have said before, Malawi has great potential and just needs proper leadership. Such leadership should be chosen by the people through credible elections. Chilima has demonstrated that Malawi has people who know what is necessary to develop this great country. The emergence of such people should not be halted by rigging of elections to maintain a corrupt regime.

With the court ruling interpreting majority of electorate under section 80(2) of the Malawi constitution as meaning 50 plus one, Chilima is ready to work with other parties that are open to his non-negotiable quest to develop Malawi with great sense of patriotism and responsibility. This is the best way to unite the country and embark on a regionally equal development revolution of the country. 

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