Chancellor College Campus


Condemnation of the ill-treatment of Chancol 1st year students

To: Student Union of Chancellor College (SUCC)

From: First Year Students (2016/2017)

We, the first year students of the most prestigious public university in Malawi, Chancellor College, would like in strongest sense condemn the barbaric and inhuman conduct in which we have been treated by the management and teaching staff of the said institution.

The announcement on the change of opening dates has brought more questions than answers.

We believe all this was planned in the first place. The management and teaching staff have used us, first year students, as bait to achieve their selfish motives.

Their industrial dispute (40% salary increment demand) with the University Council, is understandable but the timing of the withdrawal of their labour, is not in all senseE. Why in the first place did they call us? To harass us? To make fun of us? To achieve their end? To make their demands carry more weight? It does not make sense at all.

First, the change in the opening dates has brought many inconveniences. We have spent lots of money to be at this here. Some students have to travel long and costly distances to get to the college. So all the costs and trouble only for a week of learning (seven days, 168 hours, 10 080 minutes and 604 800 seconds!) This is unfair and uncalled for.

Some students are accommodated outside the campus. Such being the case, they had to pay rent and buy necessary materials to for their smooth academic and social life; only to be told that all that is in vain. All the rent and money for perishable food gone in the wind. This is not a welcomed development. It is aggravating and unfortunate.

Thirdly, it is a known fact that we are coming from different backgrounds.

Some students are needy in its truest sense. Such being the case, the decision to send us packing and back to our homes on Monday will bring a lot of challenges to them. This conduct is not on.

Fourthly, we were told that one of the reasons why the tuition fees was hiked by over 400%, was to prevent unnecessary closures. Then why in it’s first year, is our college a victim? Should we say the ideal reasoning has greatly fumbled as it is the case now?

It is therefore, with the above reasons, that we, the first year students, call upon our leadership in the Students Union of Chancellor College (SUCC), whose membership fees, we have just paid yesterday at the quadrangle and outside the Great Hall, to help us and act in haste to reverse the situation.

We believe in the SUCC mandate, they can come in and bail us out of this sad situation which has many negative consequences on our prospective studies. We need not to allude more to that as is it almost obvious to all students of how these unnecessary closures can illicitly affect us.

We, as first year students, we are ready to join hands and help in any decision the SUCC will come up with in order to facilitate fast opening of The mighty Chancol.

Otherwise, the prospect of double intake pains.


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