Raphael Kasambara
Raphael Kasambara convict to serve 13 years Jail time

Word from the High Court in Lilongwe is the resumption of the case has been moved to 7 February, trial of former Justice Minister Ralphael Kasambara, Pika Manondo, Oswald Lutepo and two others for the attempted murder of the Director of National Budget at the Finance Ministry, Paul Mphwiyo residence.

The case which was supposed to resume today, 29 January 2015 has now been adjourned to 7 February 2015.

Once again Judge Michael Mtambo has adjourned the trial to allow lawyers from both sides to work on their evidences to have the case resume early next week. How much time do they need to prepare evidence?, many are asking.

Like the Bakili Muluzi graft case continued delays will make people forget the seriousness of the crime.

A mans life was almost taken by a group of greedy politicians and business people. The Country deserves to know who was involved in the plunder of our resources. The kind of looting that has affected the lives of many Malawians. Continued delays do to serve anyone except those that are guilty.

The hearing failed to start last November due to the strike by the Judicial supporting staff who were demanding a pay rise.

It was an attempt on Mphwiyo’s life by unknown assailants that triggered the discovery of the widespread corruption scandal christened Cashgate which is currently pegged at MK24 billion (US$53 million).

The confusion is what part Paul Mphwiyo is playing in this Saga. Is he the victim or the accused?.

Oswald Lutepo, Paul Mphwiyo, Ralph Kasambara face different charges related to the Cashgate scandal. Mphwiyo is accused of laundering money amounting MK2.1 billion from the public coffer. Mphwiyo’s wife also faces other money laundering charges.

Oswald Lutepo is the chief Cashgate suspect, accused of looting MK5.4 billion. He implicated former Malawi president, Joyce Banda, in his case. Ralph Kasambara also named Joyce Banda who reportedly in a self imposed exile in South Africa since last September as a witness in the Mphwiyo shooting saga.

The trial, which was set to run for three days in last November, will run for two days with the defence team led by Mr. Kasambara who is also representing himself, expected to cross examine the former budget director.

It was adjourned from September to November last year because the state prosecution team had not served Kasambara with the call-logs between Mphwiyo and Joyce Banda.

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