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Gambling is a victim of its own success, the more popular it becomes, the more punters become addicted and this leads to more laws and regulations being forced upon the industry. This has recently been the case in the UK with limits being placed on betting terminals and gambling with credit cards being banned altogether.

In fact, gambling has been regulated and even banned a number of times throughout history in various countries. In some countries religion and political ideologies means that gambling remains outlawed.  In the UK, the popularity of gambling is at an all time high and this is mostly attributed to the success of online gambling and the relaxing of regulations placed on the industry during Tony Blair’s reign in power.

Gambling at Slots Racer in the UK is still strictly licensed and regulated but casinos are booming and only need to abide by the criteria set by the UK Gambling Commission, to operate legally in the UK. Other countries are similar to the UK and have a relaxed attitude to this popular pastime. 


Online and offline gambling in Finland is at an all time high and the popularity of gambling shows no sign of waning. Although there are three different bodies to regulate specific areas of gambling, the general rule in Finland is that the nations attitude to online and land-based casinos is a relaxed one.

What strict regulations exist; have been put in place more for the benefits of the punter, rather than the need to quell the nations love of betting. Uniquely, revenue amassed from gambling is ploughed back into social activities, the arts and education. 


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In Australia people can gamble freely online and casinos can operate in a mostly unregulated environment. This has proven problematic as punters face a bit of a minefield when looking for a safe casino to play at. This is despite the Interactive Gambling Act that is supposed to set strict laws casinos must abide by. 


The French are pioneers when it comes to gambling, the history of gambling and major advances in gambling games can be attributed to this nation. In fact, the French helped create modern gambling, through the creation of casinos and popular casino games such as Roulette. The French still have a relaxed attitude to gambling and these relaxed laws helps to attract gambling tourists to the many casinos that operate freely in this country. 


The Irish are famous for their love of horseracing and all things gambling. In fact, most forms of gambling are popular in Ireland and the laws are extremely relaxed. This is due to the casino industry in Ireland being entirely unregulated. Ireland still relies on the old Gaming and Lottery Act of 1956. The laws of 1956 are totally inadequate when applied to the world of online casinos today.


Canada is a gambling loving nation and 75% of the population that can gamble, have done so. Relaxed gambling laws mean that Canadian citizens can spin the reels online and at land-based casinos freely.

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