Eastern Region throwing their weight behind Justice Minister Bright Msaka to be the next President of DPP

By Nenenji Mlangeni

MANGOCHI-(MaraviPost)-It is no longer a secret. The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is now disintegrating. New battle lines have been drawn between Sheikh Imran Mtenje and incumbent Julius Paipi for the Eastern Region Governor post.

Sheikh Mtenje has used the moslem faith card to oust Paipi who is a Christian in the predominantly moslem area.

The battle lines have escalated to the top most party position of president of DPP with those in the Eastern Region throwing their weight behind Justice Minister Bright Msaka to be the next President of DPP and eventually of the country in the unlikely event that the party wins the either anticipated rerun elections or the 2024.

According to confirmed reports, Sheik Mtenje has been conducting meetings with various party officials in the region with the aim of ousting Paipi, a development which has brought division and confusion within the party in the region.

During one of his meetings over the weekend, Mtenje urged his fellow Muslims in DPP family to support his bid of becoming the party’s regional governor.

“There is no way, we can accept Christians to govern us in the Eastern Region. This region belongs to us (Moslems) and this is our opportune time to reclaim it.”

“I have all the support from from Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to take over the mantle from Paipi. I have also blessings from our Veep Hon. Bright Msaka. The president is also concerned with Paipi’s continued blunders,” he said.

Among others, the group is expected to meet President Mutharika

If that is not all, the group has vowed to ensure that Bright Msaka becomes Malawi President after Mutharika.

However this has not gone well with party officials in the region who have threatened to deal with Mtenje accordingly if he proceeds with his plans.

The party officials described Mtenje as “intruder” and fortuner seeker who has contributed nothing towards the success of the party in the region.

“Mr. Mtenje is always at Sanjika Palace lying to the president on the state of affairs here just to blackmail him whereas Mr. Paipi is always with us here doing all the groundwork together,” said Ali Mwachande, one of the officials.

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