Aries: (Mar 21- Apr 20) Happy times are foreseen at work as you tackle your job efficiently. Listen to partner today to get proper guidance on an issue. Romantic front brightens up, as you enjoy the company of lover. Health remains excellent.

Lucky Color: Burgundy, Lucky Number: 10 

Taurus: (Apr 21- May 20)  Someone from the opposite camp showing interest in you is likely to brighten your prospects on the romantic front. An opportunity to travel to another city may come to you. Refurbishing the house is on the cards for some.

Lucky Color: Steel Grey, Lucky Number: 24

Gemini: (May 21- Jun 20) An ailment may recur due to sheer negligence, but you will manage to bring it under control. Family and friends will help you achieve what you have set out for today. Lover may meet you today.

Lucky Color: Brown, Lucky Number: 12

Cancer: (Jun 21- Jul 20) Previous investments will keep your bank balance healthy. Good negotiations are likely to get you a piece of property for bargain price. Some of you may get worried on account of a family member, but your fears will be unfounded.

Lucky Color: White, Lucky Number: 9

Leo: (Jul 21- Aug 20) Some of you go around distributing invitation cards for a marriage or some other function. A delayed payment can keep you on tenterhooks, but will be realised. Some of you can expect important visitors today. Romance takes a turn for the better.

Lucky Color: Pink, Lucky Number: 25

Virgo: (Aug 21- Sep 20) Your positive attitude at work will be appreciated by superiors. You will consistently perform well on the academic front. Honouring promises on the romantic front will help strengthen your relationship. Doing up an ancestral property is on the cards.

Lucky Color: Purple, Lucky Number: 6

Libra: (Sep 21- Oct 20) Positive thinking and perseverance will help you in making your mark. Keeping promises on the social front may prove difficult, but you will manage somehow. You may deliberately organise something just to meet someone you love!

Lucky Color: Florescent Green , Lucky Number: 11

Scorpio: (Oct 21- Nov 20) A family function is likely to prove most enjoyable. You will be allowed more freedom than you expected in negotiating a deal. Lover will lay your suspicions to rest on the romantic front. A lifestyle change will prove a boon for your health.

Lucky Color: Yellow, Lucky Number: 18

Sagittarius: (Nov 21- Dec 20) A remedy suggested by someone will come in handy in curing a minor ailment. Spouse may compel you for something that you are in no mood of, but little you can do about it! Distance may prove an impediment in meeting lover on a regular basis.

Lucky Color: Beige, Lucky Number: 1

Capricorn: (Dec 21- Jan 20) Your monetary situation will be such that you will be able to afford all creature comforts. Lover blackmailing you to achieve his or her ends cannot be ruled out on the romantic front, but you really won’t mind!

Lucky Color: Dark Blue, Lucky Number: 20

Aquarius: (Jan 21- Feb 20) Don’t be so kind hearted as to give loan to someone you know will not return it! Someone you are apprehensive about on the social front will soon show his or her true colours. Health remains satisfactory.

Lucky Color: Brown, Lucky Number: 7


Pisces: (Feb 21- Mar 20) Your contribution to a social event will be acknowledged and add to your prestige. A healthy bank balance will allow you to do a bit of splurging. Lover may plan a surprise for you on the romantic front and get you all excited. This is a good day for a trip. 

Lucky Color: Grey, Lucky Number: 12




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