Daily Horoscope
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Aries: (Mar 21- Apr 20) Those with a medical problem will be able to stabilise their condition. You will remain in an upbeat mood on the academic front. Planning an overseas journey is indicated. Socially, you will remain popular. You may organize something at your place on someone’s behalf.

Lucky Color: Yellow, Lucky Number: 2 

Taurus: (Apr 21- May 20) A whirlwind romance can leave some breathless today! You make all the right moves on the work front and impress those who matter. A pleasant surprise is in store for some on the social front. Stability on the financial front is foreseen. Health poses no problems. 

Lucky Color: Grey, Lucky Number: 15 

Gemini: (May 21- Jun 20) You may get the opportunity to try out some new ideas on the professional front. Deriving much pleasure on the romantic front is foreseen for some. Financial condition is set to improve by your constant efforts. You may undertake a long journey.

Lucky Color: Maroon, Lucky Number: 7 

Cancer: (Jun 21-Jul 20) Praise on the social front for something you have achieved is in the pipeline. Your love for travel can translate into a leisure trip today. Those seeking romance will not be disappointed. Health and finance need your attention.  

Lucky Color: Golden, Lucky Number: 12 

Leo: (July 21- Aug 20) Lack of self-confidence is likely to be apparent in your performance at work. You can be rash in spending and waste money unnecessarily. Falling prey to someone’s guile needs to be guarded against. Neglect can make a minor ailment serious. Spouse may accompany you to meet someone today. 

Lucky Color: Peach, Lucky Number: 4 

Virgo: (Aug 21- Sep 20) A payment you have been waiting for may get released soon. Romance is likely to beckon some and make the day enjoyable. A property deal is set to materialise for those aiming to own a house.

Lucky Color: Bronze, Lucky Number: 23 

Libra: (Sep 21- Oct 20) Tying the knot with the one you love cannot be ruled out. You may find boss in a bad mood today, so steer clear and save all discussion points for tomorrow. Go right ahead to help someone monetarily, but ensure that he or she returns your money. 

Lucky Color: Red, Lucky Number: 5 

Scorpio: (Oct 21- Nov 20) An outing with friends or siblings will be pure fun, so get set to enjoy your heart out today! On the academic front, you are likely to fare well due to your unwavering focus. A senior is likely to laud you for your good work. You remain financially secure. 

Lucky Color: Olive Green, Lucky Number: 13 

Sagittarius: (Nov 21- Dec 20) Someone may seek monetary help, so say yes only if you mean it. Someone who likes your company is set to spend a lot of time with you today. Self-control and an active life are likely to have positive fallout on your health. You will take steps to make your love life exciting. A short vacation is on the cards. 

Lucky color: Purple, Lucky Number: 7 

Capricorn: (Dec 21- Jan 20) Your decisions at workplace are likely to boost your reputation. Budget may go haywire, if enough care is not exercised. Someone may invite you over today. A late night party or eating out may prove detrimental to health. 

Lucky Color: Cream, Lucky Number: 9 

Aquarius: (Jan 21- Feb 20) You will manage to put a mentally disturbed person at ease by giving a sympathetic ear. Praise for a job well done is in the pipeline. Partner may inspire you to take up a healthy activity. Financial terms for a transaction are likely to get settled in your favour.

Lucky Color: Turquoise, Lucky Number: 22 

Pisces: (Feb 21- Mar 20) An argument with senior may make you feel insecure. You will be able to raise the capital for funding a project. Good time is foreseen for some in their social circle. Those contemplating a long journey should be cautious about their health. Positive developments on the love front are foreseen. 

Lucky Color: Brown, Lucky Number: 10

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