Gustave Kaliwo
Gustave Kaliwo New Secretary General MCP

In reaction to Maravi Post’s exclusive from our sources inside the just completed MCP NEC Meeting Final Resolution, where it was reported an Olive branch was extended by Dr Lazarus Chakwera to the disgruntled group led by Gustave Kaliwo and Jessie Kabwira. Many people who support the party’s general secretary, Gustav Kaliwo believe he was right in proposing a convention where party members would be allowed to air their grievances.

In reaction to Leader Chakwera’s olive Branch Gerald Zungu responded as follows:

 Gerald Zungu: What’s an olive branch for? What wrong did Kaliwo commit? Some people misunderstood Kaliwo. He simply called for MCP convention on 6th-9th July, 2017. MCP is rocked with squabbles which to Kaliwo understanding, weren’t good for a party like MCP which is anticipating forming Govt in 2019. So the convention will iron out such misunderstandings and restore peace and order. However, there are some few MCP gurus that surround Chakwera and some supporters who felt Kaliwo is a confusionist.

Now that Chakwera has seen sense in Kaliwo’s philosophy, I think this will go down to all those who thought Kaliwo is misguided. On the other hand, the olive branch Chakwera is extending, isn’t in good faith if we can weigh it. Or is it? I said it before that MCP is having a daunting task. It’ll not be so easy to mend broken fences. Basically, what Chakwera can do now is just to bring all his disciples on a round table transparently. Talk and amicably agree on how to take MCP to inner heights. Otherwise time is running out. Athu ndi maso basi!

Another reaction was from BenJoe Mang’anda who said these are just words. The real test will come from what Lazarus Chakwera does next. He wrote the following:

BenJoe Mang’anda: That’s a good and unifying expression! I hope he will demonstrate just as he has expressed. His actions is what will speak more to the so called detractors. It will need a lot of effort from both sides to earn the lost trust. They say sometimes it is good to keep your enemies close. Maybe that’s what is happening.

MaraviPost has been following the events that took place at  MCP NEC meeting and will keep our readers updated on the fallout.

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