It is most unfortunate that President Joyce Banda continues to blame the DPP and its President Rt Honourable Arthur Peter Mutharika for the violence at Goliati. It is also very irritating that she makes no mention or shows no concern about the incident / brutal attacks against our Director of Operations Mr Ben Phiri that happened the same period at Mount Soche Hotel by functionaries of the Peoples Party.

Worse still, the Secretary General of the PP, Mr Paul Maulidi ordered that no one should interfere as his fellow PP members unleashed the brutality against Mr Phiri and man handled Hon Dausi at the Hotel. The regional PP youth Director South, and his violent colleagues bundled Mr Phiri into their vehicle and drove away from the Hotel, beating him up. They dumped him unconscious leaving him for dead on the road near Kudya filing station until some well wishers picked him up and brought him to the hospital.

The savage attack incident and names of the culprits were reported to Blantyre Police, but up to now no arrests have been made. Instead innocent people from the DPP are being hunted and arrested. For example Mr Mahikiri – DPP Constituency Governor for Thyolo East. We now hear that there is a warrant of arrest for the victim Mr Ben Phiri himself.

We are also aware that the Police have submitted an initial but detailed report to the President about the violence at Goliati. The report blames by name People’s Party senior functionaries for the violence. They have not been arrested. Instead the President continues to blame the DPP and has even ordered transfers of innocent Police Officers from Thyolo and elsewhere. We wonder if the President is God fearing and if she has any Spiritual Conscious at all. May we remind her that although she is President of Malawi she cannot be above the God that she reveres, who is also the same God for the DPP. She should tell the truth to avoid God’s wrath on her leadership.

We must also set one record straight. Reverend Chakwera President of the Malawi Congress Party met President Joyce Banda, allegedly to discuss the violence at Goliati and other places. He went on to claim afterwards that, out of concern he also talked to Rt Hon Arthur Peter Mutharika about this violence. This is completely untrue. He never spoke to the Professor about this violence or anything at that time. We wonder why this man of God chose to lie like that. In any case we wonder how he went so secretly to the President to discuss incidents of violence which did not involve his political party at all. If it was about violence in general, why did he exclude critical stake holders on that mission. The mission was so secret that even his own MCP gurus knew nothing prior to the audience with the President. We insist that if both Rev. Chakwera and President Joyce Banda are truly God fearing they must come out and tell the nation what their meeting was all about before God the Almighty finds other ways of exposing their plot.

Recently we are aware that a small plane was secretly flown into Chileka Airport at 1:45 am while the Airport had been closed to other planes for a runaway that was in disrepair. The plane carried seven boxes that were secretly delivered to Sanjika Palace that night without going through regular customs and other clearance formalities at the Airport. It is alleged that that a Mr Kassam was also in the plane accompanying the boxes. We hear that there was money and some election rigging materials in those boxes. Can the President deny, confirm or clarify these reports? She owes this Nation an explanation as to why a small private plane threw into a closed airport to secretly deliver seven boxes to her residence.

At this point we also want the president to tell us the truth about the use of the proceeds of the sale of the Presidential jet. The constitution requires that all public funds of this nature be channeled through account number one of Malawi Government. This was not done. We hear that the Attorney General facilitated the transfer of these funds from Bohnox of Virgin Islands, the alleged buyer of the plane, to Paramount group of South Africa as part payment for military equipment that Government had purchased secretly on loan. This loan was unknown to and unauthorized by Parliament as the Law requires.

The President herself and her Minister of Finance have told us conflicting stories or lies about the use of these funds particularly with respect to the purchase of subsidized fertilizer for the poor. We know that there is no such fertilizer. Has lawlessness and disregard for the truth reached this totally unacceptable level in the PP Government? The President must explain and come clean on these blatant illegalities and lies.

Regarding the cashgate scandal, we think that its now time for the President and her Government to tell us where the stolen money is, and we demand its immediate recovery. We are saying so because Government functions and the entire Civil Service have become paralyzed for lack of funding. For instance, relatives and guardians have to carry patients on stretchers and on their backs up and down four different floors at Kamuzu Central Hospital because there is no money to repair the broken hospital lift. This is dangerous to both patients and their relations. In addition bodies of the deceased have been rotting in the KCH Mortuary cold rooms because of a broken down refrigerators. This is an unprecedented disrespect for the dead in our Malawi cultures. Many needy patients cannot be operated on in the KCH operating theatres because of lack of drugs , supplies and other equipments; teachers and nurses cannot be paid on time; Police peripheral units are not being funded fully with the consequent rise in insecurity to unprecedented levels. The list goes on.

In the middle of all this human suffering, the President continues to arrogantly spend heavily on her campaign meetings which she shamelessly call development rallies. She distributes maize, goats, hands over house keys to villagers, and other activities which can be done at much lower costs. We are not stopping her from giving maize and other handouts to the needy. We are against her spending MK15m to MK20m at each political meeting to handout MK1m worth of maize and goats, when her Government has no money to fix hospital lifts and fund police units among other urgent needs. Her
Priorities are wrong and she must not distort these facts when reporting to the traditional chiefs.

The President continues to talk about the so called MK92 billion cashgate of the DPP regime. She demanded that the MK92 billion report should be discussed in Parliament together with the Forensic Audit report of her MK13 billion cashgate scandal. In this current cashgate there are payment vouchers, fake invoices, payment cheques, names of beneficiaries, and other details regarding the involvement of PP and Government officials that have been produced for all of us to see. We have repeatedly demanded similar evidence against the DPP regarding the alleged MK92 billion loss. None has been produced because there is no such evidence.

The Audit report in question essentially contains no more than Audit queries which happen in every Government audit before such queries are processed and cleared with controlling officers and other relevant authorities. Some of the authors of the report are shocked to hear that the President is leveling such accusations on the basis of such a report with unprocessed audit queries. In fact, in response to the President political pressure the report was presented by the Auditor General to the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament. It was rejected by the committee because a lot of work still needed to be done to it. He conceded and withdrew it. It is therefore completely unacceptable to us that the President is trying to influence the outcome of the Government audit exercise which should remain professional, independent and free of such political pressure.

In any case you have seen what impact the siphoning of MK13 billion from our national budget can have on Government operations. The Civil Service has come to a virtual of stand still . What more paralysis or complete Government shut down would have happened if MK92 billion was siphoned cashgate style or otherwise from the Government budget coffers as claimed by President Joyce Banda? Nothing happened of the type at any time otherwise the President would have been singing that song all the time. Her MK92 billion song is therefore no more than a futile attempt to cover up her Government’s shameful involvement in cashgate and to divert the public’s attention.

We are also very disturbed by continuing stories on rigging attempts by this Government. The voter verification exercise which only started yesterday is already revealing some very troublesome findings. For instance some names are missing from the voters register. Some details in the register are different from those on the voters registration cards, yet in other cases the details on the polling centers are different from those that entered the computer or hard copy during registration. We are investigating these and many more findings especially in view of the earlier reports of buying and selling of voters registration cards, which we had already complained to MEC before. Obviously five days are not going to be enough for this verification exercise. We are sending an initial delegation to MEC on this development.

Government and MEC must reassure the Malawi nation and not just us in the DPP. We shall therefore not tolerate these rigging attempts or schemes to continue. We must have answers to these strange midnight flights. We must have Police action on all the culprits that perpetrate political violence regardless of political affiliation. The plunder of public resources through callous and deceitful so called development rallies by the President must stop. This country has enjoyed peace ,calm and stability all these years. We don’t want all this to be thrown down the drain.

Dr J A Kalilani, MP
Secretary General.
Democratic Progressive Party


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