Alon Ben-Meir’s dedication to writing about, analyzing, and offering practical solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict is the result of his many years of direct participation and personal experience in the Middle East. He is regularly involved in two-track diplomacy and continues to monitor closely events throughout the region.

Because Ben-Meir has over the years built close relationships with top government officials in the Middle East, and communicates with them regularly, he is able to analyze the situations that arise based on his access to first-hand sources. To gain even greater insight into the complexity of the region’s problems and interpret accurately and objectively underlying issues while staying on top of rapidly changing developments, he travels frequently between Washington and the Middle East, meeting with policymakers, academics, and people from all walks of life.

Ben-Meir shares his views and ideas in individual dialogue as well as in round-table discussions and conferences. Since his weekly articles are syndicated by United Press International, they enjoy world-wide circulation. They are translated into Arabic and published by, among other papers, Al Quds and the Al Ahram. In addition, Ben-Meir writes policy papers on the Middle East, international terrorism, and U.S. foreign policy.

His mission is simple: “When there is a breakdown, I see a breakthrough. I do not go by labels or colors or political affiliation. I keep my focus on the issues, trying to create irreversible steps to a sustainable, equitable, and peaceful solution.”


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