Aries: Businesspersons will be able to net well-heeled clients by promoting their business in niche segments. Gains are indicated for those playing the stocks. Money loaned by a friend can become a life saver for some. You may be invited to participate in a social event. 

Taurus: Accompanying someone you click with is likely to make your journey entertaining. You may have to make some allowance for a greenhorn struggling to complete something complex. Someone’s unkind comments may leave a bad taste in your mouth, but expect him or her to apologise for the same.


Gemini: You are likely to omit something important in a task given to you and pay for it, if you are not careful. A slanging match with spouse or a family member is a possibility. Initial excitement of falling in love is likely to take you to seventh heaven! You will need to give up a vice, before it plays with your health.

 Cancer: Some of you are likely to get the courage to blow the lid off your romantic affair and come out in the open. Those apprehensive about travel documents can rest easy as they will manage to undertake the journey overseas. A landed property is likely to give good returns. 

Leo: Good news regarding a family youngster is likely to warm the cockles of your heart. At work, don’t procrastinate in completing whatever is entrusted to you, as you can cut a sorry figure. Someone may work against your interests on the academic front, so watch your step. You will need to go into a saving mode. 

Virgo: A practical solution may be found for a complex problem at work. Someone who admires you will leave no stone unturned in appeasing you today. Problems faced on the financial front are likely to disappear. Those unwell are likely to recover soon through regular medication. Someone may play spoilsport in your evening out with lover. 

Libra: You may go down the memory lane just by spending time with a childhood friend. Participating in a social event may give you immense sense of satisfaction. Your honesty at work will be taken cognizance of and give you some good returns. Chance to add to your skill is likely to materialise. Showroom owners and retailers will be able to earn well today. 

Scorpio: There is a possibility of a transfer for some to another city or town. Performance of those pursuing higher studies may leave much to be desired, but they will be able to cope up. You are likely to kiss and make up with spouse after a spat. Busy schedule may not allow you to spend as much time with lover as you desire. 

Sagittarius:  Some of you are likely to go in for a renovation to make your house look more aesthetic. Someone’s good turn on the domestic front needs to be returned, find out how. A senior may take you along for a meeting out of town, so remain prepared to proceed at short notice. Budgeting will help you to keep a check on expenditure. 

Capricorn: Some good news on the financial front awaits you. You will be able to cut down on electricity and other bills through concerted efforts. Some of you may start a walking or jogging regimen to stay fit. Good dietary habits will prevent you from getting out of shape. You will have to be doubly careful of how you conduct yourself at work today. 

Aquarius: Holding high expectations from someone shows all signs of ending in disappointment. An argument or dispute on the family front may leave a bad taste in the mouth. Your performance on the academic front may leave much to be desired. Those not adequately prepared for a journey can face difficulties. You may remain in a contemplative mood today. 

Pisces: An outing with lover is on the anvil and will be most enjoyable. Taking a lift in somebody else’s vehicle may become necessary today. You may make up your mind to sell a property you own. Your actions on the home front will be much appreciated. A salary hike is possible, but not immediately. Health remains satisfactory.

Horoscope and Astrology daily Forecast for 1st May 2016

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