I promise that one day I will tell you where exactly Football Association of Malawi’s (Fam) money goes.

Recently I was left seething with fury to read that Flames Captain Joseph Kamwendo has “demanded” that they should go into camp immediately.

Well I have heard of national team captains influencing government decisions elsewhere. But we are talking of Captains whose captaincy or their time in the national team has brought some national pride. We all know Kamwendo leads a team that does not have any right to demand the government to give them funds.

I think just like opponents and tactics escape him and his teammates on the pitch, decency and reality also escaped him. The Flames Captain was supposed to plead and not demand. He should have known that most people are not happy to see their taxes being wasted by the hapless Flames. So next time Kamwendo has to be told that that team he leads does not make us proud worth compelling us to fund its comic shows.

I am always shocked how the Flames always carry their begging bowl each time they have a game. Look here, I am very convinced that Fam makes a lot of money but where it goes is something I am yet to understand.

Just recently Fam made about K30million in the game against Algeria. In fact Fam has a huge cut from any local Super League game. I am also told that some of the top officials at Fam are paid by Fifa. I am not sure what Fam’s wage bill is like and I do not know what activities it spends its money on to end up perpetually broke.

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