This afternoon, a few hours from now, our National soccer team will take on Mali in an African Cup of Nations qualifying game.

Mali has 6 points and Malawi has 3 points. When we play today’s game, we will remain with one game in hand each. Malawi will take on Ethiopia in Addis Ababa while Mali will take on Algeria.

The calculus is simple. We need to beat Mali if we are to still have hope that we will qualify. We beat them this afternoon, we will move to 6 points together with them. And then, when we go to Ethiopia, we must beat them as well or if we will force a draw, we must pray hard that Algeria should do the job for us by beating Mali so we have 7 points and qualify.

Is this a kind of a mission our team can accomplish? More likely NO. I am saying this because our boys lack focus. In my first analysis where the flames were taking on Algeria here at home, I did say that our boys lack the will power and intelligence to make the nation proud. Have you ever wondered why our boys keep on conceding goals especially in the dying minutes? Does it mean that our boys do not know their problem? The fact of the matter is that they know but the problem is they lack focus and intelligence to manage the game.

Most of our boys are dull and suffers an inferiority complex. They don’t believe in themselves. This is nothing but the truth!

In football, you need sharp focus throughout the game and this comes with intelligence and a superiority complex. You will agree with me that in most cases, the flames start their game at a positive note but they get exhausted when the game is progressing. You clearly see that our boys have lost focus looking at the way they pass the ball to one another. They do not enjoy passing the ball with each other but they just hit it to who so ever will receive the ball.

As this is happening, our opponent realizes our weakness and quickly starts piling pressure on us and what happens, they get a goal.

Can we equalize when the other team starts scoring. Yes we can but with our inferiority complex, we feel it’s difficult to do so and we give in. This is our problem. We have a weak mindset!

Let me zoom in abit: Captain Joseph Kamwendo and a lot more fans have submitted that we are going to win today because the coach Young Chimodzi has roped in veteran Essau Kanyenda and Fisher Kondowe. This argument is nonsensical!

Kanyenda and Kondowe are spent forces. This proclamation will just help pile pressure on these old and tired players and infact we do not need to trust few guys. Football is a collective effort! We used to depend on the young lad, Gabadin Mhango but he has always left fans disappointed.

Now, this is why it will be a miracle for the flames to win. Mali will be playing with full knowledge that Malawi is the only team standing on its way to qualification. They know that they will qualify if they win in today’s game because they will have 9 points. So to them, this game is a must win game and they will do everything to produce results. 

Mali just like Algeria has experienced players with clear focus. These players can help their team pull a surprise even in the face of a red army cheering the Flames at Kamuzu Stadium. 

As I wind up, I would like to put it on record that I love the flames and I am now preparing to head to the Stadium to watch this game but is it a crime to advise fellow supporters to support this National team of ours at our own risk? Let the flames prove me wrong this afternoon and I will celebrate like nobody’s business!



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