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The once Mighty DPP is now on the verge of collapse with Peter Mutharika at the helm. Mutharika does not know how to decipher and accommodate dissenting views. That is why Mutharika deemed Callista Mutharika’s views about his inability to lead DPP and the call for new blood. This eventually led to a growing faction in DPP which developed into the now UTM led by Saulos Chilima.

 Prior to the 2019 elections Mutharika  disregarded formidable party gurus like Chimunthu Banda in his choice for a running mate, he against all conventional wisdom opted for little known Chimulirenji, a choice which further weakened the party and raised more questions about his leadership acumen.

His 2019 victory was contested in court, despite his continuous refuting of the court proceedings as a judicial coup and subsequently losing the case in court, he still lived in denial maintaining that he had won.

When the Constitutional court gave its judgement on the Election case, we among others repeatedly indicated that Chilima and UTM was the missing part for DPPs victory in a 50+1 set-up. Chilima at Masintha rally said he was open to partner with UDF, MCP or DPP. In a blatant feat of pride Mutharika trashed calls to get Chilima alongside instead he opted for Atupele Muluzi and UDF, which was a weaker partner and party, respectively. Meanwhile Saulos Chilima had no choice but to go the MCP route to paradise by partnering with Lazarus Chakwera. The combined forces of the TONSE alliance was too much to handle for DPP. Within the same troubling times for DPP Mutharika continued his onslaught on Judiciary accusing it of a judicial coup, and subsequently sending the Chief Justice on leave pending retirement. The judiciary disputed this and demonstrated across the country.

Mutharika, he shook things up for Mutharika whose image was tainted by HRDC mudslinging demonstrations, the election case outcome, reports about his ailing health, old age, and waning leadership acumen. Contrary to expectation, Mutharika made no show on the campaign trail, though he had promised DPP supporters’ months earlier that Malawians will see a campaign never seen in Southern Africa. Mutharika missing in action led to a myriad speculation and portrayed a leader incapable to handle demanding affairs of state. He was destined to lose with a big margin, his arrogance and pride eventually resulted in a humbling loss of the mighty DPP to Tonse Alliance last July.

Now amidst calls for him to resign from the DPP Leadership as Party President, Mutharika wants to cling on. His own loyal Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey joined the echoes for the need an interim leadership convention. Mutharika is not ready to let go of the DPP, neither does he read the writing on the wall. He fires Grezelder the loyal soldier of the mighty DPP. This woman is the one who galvanized support for Mutharika and fought the biggest and the hardest to save Mutharika, firing Jeffrey is a grave mistake which will send the DPP into deeper oblivion. Grezelder has put her foot down that she is going nowhere. Change has come to DPP. Mutharika must reciprocate or witness mass Exodus of supporters and MPs into TONSE alliance parties.

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