By Viciah Nason Mec Stringer

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) says has no mandatory to ban foreigners who illegally registered for National Registration Identity Cards under (NRB) saying it’s difficult to retrieve any error made during the process.

MEC commissioner Elvey Karonga Mtafu was reacting to the concerns raised at voter’s registration exercise in Traditional Authority (T.A) Kachere in Dedza where it has been observed that a number of Mozambicans registered for the IDs last year.

“As MEC we are using NRB IDs in the registration process, for a foreigner who happened to access the ID, chances are very high to register with us because all we need is NRB card, we have no any vigorous process apart from having an ID,” said Mtafu.

She however condemned those who accorded foreigners to register with NRB as it is understood this was done in exchange of cash by some people, chiefs and NRB staffs saying this is a malpractice that will end up compromising a lot of things.

Speaking in Traditional Authority (T.A) Kasumbu on the same voter registration exercise, MEC Commissioner Jane Mathanga issued a warning to communities that those who will register more than once will face the law.

“The law of this country only recognise one person so if any person attempts or would attempt to register more than once, he or she will be arrested because this is against the law, its an offence and punishable so we urge them to avoid that,” Said Mathanga.

It has been learnt that a lot of Mozambicans who are bordering Dedza district managed to access NRB cards that will enable them to register and vote in the next year’s forthcoming tripartite elections.

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