Mutharika still in denial

MZUZU-(MaraviPost)-Immediate past Malawi President, Arthur Peter Mutharika, has openly said the June 23, 2020 fresh presidential election was not fair, free and credible enough to warrant him exist from the presidency.

Mutharika, who was last evening speaking in an exclusive interviw with a local media house, Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) repeated that he was not supposed to leave the first citizen position, only that most electoral stakeholders, including the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) vehemently chose to oust him.

He justifed his assertion by saying that his party monitors who were designated to observe the election in the most parts of the central region of the country were roughed up and some were even hacked to death.

Although he never came out clearly whether such a matter was reported to police and what the police did about it, Mutharika reiterated that the fresh polls were marred with massive rigging orchestrated by the opposition parties, who barred his party monitors from participating freely in the process.

Asked why he never disputed the electoral results in a court of law, Mutharika ranted that he saw no reason to do so as he was convinced beyond any doubt that the court also wanted him out of power, by suggesting to MEC to invoke 50%+1 electoral law.

Mutharika further said he decided never to object results of the polls because he realised that Malawi as a country is bigger than him; though he was really sure that the election were worse than the one in 2019.

As to why his government was highly fiddled with corruption and fraud, Mutharika said government is a big entity and so it was not easy for him to manage it and end corruption, but he rated himself as a better leader who has far reaching vision for the nation.

Mutharika downplayed the current government, saying there is no development yet being done by the same, other than commissioning developmental projects which his government implemented.

Mutharika indicated that since the demise of his brother, Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika in 2012, most people, including top party officials deserted the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and it took his own efforts and few others to rebuild it and took it to waltz the government.

On that point, Mutharika emphasised that he will not allow anyone to take the party over from him any soon and mortgage it to political opponents.

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