Whether you’re in employment or you’re on the search for a job, a little extra money is never a bad thing. And if it’s easy enough to earn then why not?


There are plenty of ways to make cash on the side and the internet has opened up endless amounts of opportunities to help you do so. Making money from home has never been easier. So long as you have access to a computer and internet connection, you’re halfway there.


  1. Freelancing

Whatever your skills and expertise may be, freelancing is a perfect way to make money whilst doing something you’re interested in. There are a whole host of companies on the look for talented freelancers and many offer some very decent pay indeed.


The likes of Upwork and PeoplePerHour are sites that allow you to list your specialist topics which help people from around the world find you and if they think you’re right for the job, viola, you have work! Though, the only downside is that they do charge small fees for every successfully completed job, say 10-20% of the fee, but you’re still earning all the same.


  1. Online Casinos Online gambling is as popular as ever, whether you’ve got an online account for the occasional dabble on the football, a bingo site you play every now and then, or an online site that brings all of your favourite slot and table games into your home, there’s something for everyone.


There are hundreds of great sites on the web and each of them offer some brilliantly quirky editions of your favourites. This site offers a number of sign-up offers for those interested in roulette as well as free play options to get you started.


There’s also the option to play the more traditional games like poker and blackjack. Check out the web yourself to find your favourite games.


  1. Ebay It’s often said that your junk is someone else’s treasure. Thanks to the internet that mantra is as true as ever. Ebay is essentially a worldwide car-boot sale that allows you to list items you no longer have use for that other people hopefully do have a use for.


You can set your own price and watch people bid for your items, even if you have a ton of things considered low value, the total will soon add up.

  1. Blogging Blogging is another brilliant way to make money online by doing something that you enjoy. Admittedly, it can take a while to build up your site and gain an audience. Start by creating useful and relevant content that you know there is a readership for and your site will soon grow.


Once you have managed to build up a decent site reputation, you can use the site to promote products for companies who will pay you for your services. You can also introduce adverts to your site and earn money for clicks and impressions.

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