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In an effort to complement the initiative taken by the Law Society of Malawi of encouraging many girls to study law, the faculty of law at Chancellor College arranged career talks in some Secondary Schools in Mangochi.

On Saturday, second year law students conducted a law career talk at SMichael’s Girls Secondary at Malindito to an excited students while third year students were at St Martin Secondary School.

During the presentation at Malindi, ChrispinneMndala briefed the students on how they can make it to the Law School at Chancellor College. “It is not true that to study law you need to be good in History, Bible knowledge or any other subject.

All you need is to work hard and get selected to any Constituent College of the University of Malawi. You can be selected to any program and in your first year at the University work hard to get an average grade of 65% which is a credit and that qualifies you to write law entrance exams” stated Mndala.

The University of Malawi also admits students with GSCE ‘A’ levels and Postgraduate students from any University where its degrees or diplomas are recognised by the University of Malawi. However, beginning from next year, the University is changing its admittance criteria.

While in the past only first year UNIMA students were allowed to write the entrance; it will now be opened to all first year students from all Public universities in Malawi. This means all first year students from LUANAR, MZUNI and MUST who have meet the required grade will now be considered for selection.

Another presenter Patience Manda advised the students on the importance of time management before Vitumbiko Mbizi presented her paper on self-confidence and self-esteem.

The last presenter Rose Naija summed it all when she told the students why they should specifically choose law.

“There is a shortage of female lawyers in this country, just look at us; we are only 7 ladies in a class of 36 men. The State president would like to appoint more female judges, the college would like to admit more female students but where would they all get them when you girls are not showing interest in this program? Law gives you power, when you study it you know your rights, it opens the door to many opportunities and above all it rewards handsomely”Naija summarised all.

When the Master of Ceremony Justice Banda opened the floor for questions, one student sent the Hall into stitches when she said her family had discouraged her from studying law but medicine because lawyers are liars. When the question was answered another student asked a follow up question wondering why lawyers are involved in corruption. The students also wanted to know the differences between a judge and a lawyer and what happens if someone studies law in America and wants to practise in Malawi.

The faculty of law at Chancellor College has the lowest enrolment of female students; in second year there are only seven females against thirty six males. It is even worse in third and fourth years where the figures are even lower than in second year. It was last year that management had to come up with an effort to encourage females to consider a career in law by conducting seminars and visits to the law faculty by first year students. It paid dividends as the number of females in the current first year increased. It is from this background that both the law faculty and the Malawi Law Society have intensified efforts to conduct such career talks in Girls Secondary Schools to motivate girls to embrace the law program

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