I do not subscribe to the secession ‘fever’ gripping and making round across the length and breadth of the country (because I know it is not the solution to the many ills the country is saddled with) but I do not subscribe to a unitary government that is run as seceded parts either.

Let us be clear about our problems: the many problems the country is grappling with arise from the shameless greed (dearth of the twin senses of shame and pride) and the lack of ‘love-of-country’ by people charged with the responsibility of running the affairs of the country that makes it ‘acceptable’ to seek elective office and hold public office to ‘serve and further’ one’s personal interests at the expense of ‘serving and furthering’ the interests of the office and the people who put one in office. So no amount of subdividing of the country will cure our ills because it cannot cure shameless greed (the dearth of the twin senses of shame and pride) and the lack of ‘love-of-country’.

Not to belabor the point, federalism can just as easily produce ineffectual federated governments of the north, central and south governed by one prominent lawyer ‘cashgate’ kingpin, one prominent businessman ‘cashgate’ kingpin and a clueless professor, respectively, as can its alternatives.

What ‘inexplicable’ forces would drive one to seek the highest office on the land or indeed any other public office knowing one does not have the requisite skills for running the office or will ‘not work oneself-to-death’ to succeed in the office?—only forces of shameless greed after ‘doing away’ with the twin senses of shame and pride are capable of that.

The incumbent was handed an opportunity (with lots of votes from the non-MTL belt parts of the country!) to prove himself either a prodigious success or an ignominious failure (letdown) at running the affairs of the country and glow in his glorious success or wallow in the ignominy of failure. He had several options of actualizing this. He could have relied (called) upon an ‘all-Mutharika’ cabinet and an ‘all-Mutharika’ government machinery to achieve this.

Believe me I would have had no problem with that provided at the end of the day he delivered the desired results. He opted to have an ‘all-Mutharika-surrogate’ cabinet and an ‘all-Mutharika-surrogate’ government machinery that ensured he surrounded himself with a nearly all MTL belt kinsmen and in the process afforded his kinsmen an opportunity to be similarly adjudged as either statecraft failures or successes. After one-hundred-fifty (150) days in office, the verdict is out: the incumbent and his largely MTL belt kinsmen surrogates have no clue on how to run a government.

It is clear the incumbent and his MTL belt kinsmen lack the capacity to run the affairs of this country at minimum risk of besmirching the image of the entire MTL belt people as failures at statecraft. By electing to callously expose his MTL belt kinsmen to such harsh and adverse judgement must the incumbent be said to lack the love-of-his tribe?

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