Daily Horoscope
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Aries: You may find yourself struggling on the academic front, but will come out unscathed. Pending jobs threaten to consume all your office hours today, so step up the pace. Those with money to invest may still be looking for some good options. Serious differences threaten to crop up in a relationship, so be careful. 

Taurus: Businesspersons will be able to think up some good business strategies to maintain current profits. Good health is assured, as you get motivated to shake a leg. Complacency on the academic front may affect your performance adversely. Don’t argue with anyone at work, as it can rebound on you. Romance rocks! 

Gemini: You may tap a friend or relative for feedback on someone who has become incommunicado with you. On the work front, you may feel your efforts going waste, but this may actually not be the case. Homemakers may have to lay down the do’s and don’ts for members, just to keep the home front presentable. Saving money for the rainy is warranted.

Cancer: Not falling into the trap of property agents will help save a pretty packet. Encouraging results are likely in a health initiative taken up by you. Enjoying a trip with your near and dear ones is foretold. Starting a construction work may be on the minds of some. You will do your bit on the academic front to better your grades.

Leo:  Accompanying someone on a jaunt is possible, so get ready to enjoy your heart out. Academic front will remain favourable. You will get the time to deal with all the pending issues at work. Something special may be done on the home front. Health needs care, so don’t be negligent.

Virgo: Some of you may start a long pending construction work at home. Tread carefully on the academic front, as you are liable to get confused. Someone at work may expect you to reciprocate the good deed done to you, so go right ahead and help out. Health remains satisfactory.

Libra: Your image as a professional is set to get a boost. On the academic front, you will be able to surmount all difficulties. If you are looking for getting rich quick, playing the stocks may make your dream come true. You are likely to meet someone you had not met in years. Good health is assured.

Scorpio: Someone on the professional front is likely to realise your potential. A celebration may keep you happily involved. Your social circle is set to expand. On the romantic front, you may decide to get dictated by the heart, rather than the mind and have a great time! You make good time in a journey.

Sagittarius: Alterations and additions may be initiated to restore an ancestral property. You will need to hold your horses on a project at work, as some changes are expected. Paucity of time may not allow you to do much to enhance your performance on the academic front. You can be pressured by your peer group to participate in something, which you really don’t want to.

Capricorn: You are likely to stand tall on the academic front, because of an achievement. Money lent to someone may raise your reputation. You gain popularity by discharging a social obligation. Money that seems a problem now will disappear. If health is causing worry, it will not be for long. Travel stars look strong.

Aquarius:  You will find the day most conducive to achieving what you had always wanted to on the personal front. A social gathering may find you into your element. Someone close to you may suggest a suitable mate for your child or someone close. You are likely to get a free hand on the professional front, which is likely to add to your productivity.

Pisces: You may yearn to meet the one who makes you feel special. Sharing romantic feelings with him or her cannot be ruled out. The day may find some heaving a sigh of relief on the academic front. Retailers and manufacturers are likely to find the day positive. A loan gets repaid and finally makes you a proud owner of a major purchase.

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