Aries: Those ailing can expect to be taken care of well. Your networking capabilities promise to smoothen the process of getting something officially done. Someone can help you in funding a project. A minor ailment will respond to a home remedy. Fun time is foreseen for those invited to a do. Romance promises to rock today! 

Taurus: You will manage to submit an important project at work. A dubious investment is best avoided. Your habit of pitting one against the other can isolate you from others. Those in love will l find even temporary separation hard to bear. A family elder can find it difficult to relinquish his or her authority on the domestic front.

Gemini: It is time you accepted the ground reality and work towards changing your lifestyle. Some of you can crave the company of friends and relations. Those living away from family may not get leave to celebrate a function together. Distractions are likely to affect the performance of some students. Lover’s company promises much fun today.

Cancer: Distractions can keep you from fully concentrating on the job at hand. Homemakers can resent their dull routine and crave a change of scene. Cutting corners and tightening purse strings will be required to tide over a bad monetary spell. A nice time is likely for those planning an outing with lover.

Leo: Your creative eye and style of doing things is likely to be appreciated. Rubbing shoulders with rivals and yet keeping your distance is an act only you can pull off! Money from unexpected sources may be received. Lover doesn’t seem much romantically inclined today. Inculcate physical workouts in your lifestyle to remain fit.

Virgo: Getting regular in your exercise routine will start showing results soon. Don’t poke your nose in somebody else’s life as it may be resented. A vacation together with partner will act as a balm for strained relations. You will succeed in raising the capital for a new venture. You can look forward to a romantic evening out.

Libra: You can experience mixed emotions today. Whatever spouse does is likely to irritate you. You will have to find your rhythm if you want things to move at a normal pace at work. Students wanting admission in prestigious institutions can feel a bit discouraged. An outdoor sport will help in combating stress. You may not find time to be with lover today.

Scorpio: Don’t be hasty and deliberate before making any important decisions. Some of you are likely to get a chance to meet a celebrity. A chance encounter with someone you love will prove most exciting. Those hospitalised can expect to be discharged soon. Monetary situation can cause concern, but it will be a temporary phase.

Sagittarius: Wanderlust can compel some to pack their bags and go on a vacation! Mutual affection and concern for each other is likely to make love grow for the newlyweds. It is best to wait for the right time before investing in a scheme you have been contemplating for long. You can get bogged down in the nitty-gritty on the academic front.

Capricorn: Immediate requirement of money may make your financial position unstable, but you will be able to tide over it. You may get motivated to adopt a more active lifestyle to remain fit and healthy. You will manage to give a good account of yourself on the academic front. Health remains satisfactory.

Aquarius: This is a good time to take a health initiative for those in quest for perfect health. Your consistent performance is likely to beat stiff competition on the academic front. Praise is in store on the professional front for something that you have achieved. An exciting journey is on the cards. Profits accrue as you negotiate a deal successfully. You remain positive.

Pisces: There is someone who is misleading you on many counts, so wise up to it before you take a wrong step. You will be able to stabilise your financial front. A health expert is likely to guide you in achieving total fitness. It may become difficult to fit a social event in your work schedule, but you will mange it somehow. Don’t go against the wishes of a senior at work, as he or she can become vindictive.



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