Daily Horoscope
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Aries: Financial constraints that you were working under in the past are likely to be lifted. Job seekers will succeed in bagging a job that fits their bill. You will be on the centre stage of something exciting that is happening on the social front. Avoid indulging in excesses to preserve your health.

Taurus: You may get the chance to put your best foot forward today on the professional front. A delightful time can be expected by those calling on their near and dear ones. Your hard work and unwavering focus will help achieve academic goals. Good health and positivity is yours for the asking on the fitness front. Keeping a low profile on the romantic front that is likely to work in your favour

Gemini: You risk losing focus on the academic front. Focusing only on the essentials will be the key to complete the tasks. You can be at loggerheads with an associate or a colleague over a workplace issue. A bad investment is likely to haunt some, but little can be done about it now. Chance for an official trip is likely to materialise soon.

Cancer: Those preparing for something important are likely to gain from experienced people. Academic front looks satisfactory on the whole, but don’t expect everything to go as per plans. An additional income that you are banking on may take some more time to come. Those in love will need to work on their relationship to make it even stronger. Remain positive to remain healthy.

Leo: Your disinterest may be apparent in your performance on the academic front. You are likely to get ticked off for shoddy work on the professional front, so be careful in what you do. Keeping a promise on the romantic front is important, if you want your love life to sail smoothly. An ancestral property may come into dispute and may require legal advice. 

Virgo: You will be in the process of consolidating what you have gained on the academic front. Those nearing the deadline for a project at work may get an extension. You will need to remain at your helpful best on the social front just to retain a positive image. Efforts will be required to make a relationship click, but you will succeed.

Libra: You are likely to pick up the threads on the professional or academic front and resolve to give it your best. Plans to enhance wealth will succeed and increase your financial strength. Some favourable developments on the social front are foreseen.

Scorpio: Healthy options chosen by you are likely to bring you a step closer to total fitness on the health front. Distractions will be responsible for your not giving your best on the professional or academic front. Overspending threatens to get you into a tight situation on the monetary front, so be judicious with your money. Love life will cruise along fine. Travel only if you have to today.  

Sagittarius: You will get all the support you need on the professional front. Good showing in something important on the academic front is likely to boost your morale and egg you on to do better. You will take all the steps to increase your friends’ circle. Networking promises to help you on the social front. Those seeking love will find the day most promising. A family issue needs sorting. 

Capricorn: You are likely to make your mark by tackling some complex problems at work. An event coming up on the home front promises to keep you happily engaged and will also provide an opportunity to meet everyone. Your romantic feelings are likely to be reciprocated by the one you love. Spending extra money on someone or something may pinch, but will be inescapable. 

Aquarius: Chances of bagging a lucrative deal on the business front may fade, if you are not quick enough. You will have to think up some more ways of earning, if you want to become financially stable. It will be next to impossible to rejuvenate your love life solely through your efforts. Driving around with friends is likely to give some a solid high.

Pisces: A venture undertaken by you is likely to prove most profitable. You may organise a do just to appease someone influential and succeed. Romance may make you starry-eyed, so enjoying the evening with lover is a foregone conclusion! An ancestral property may come in your name. Interest awakened for meditation or yoga will do you a whale of good. Excellent showing is foreseen on the academic front.

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