Aries: Your health consciousness is likely to contribute towards maintaining good health. Getting into two minds regarding someone who seems interested in you on the romantic front may delay the inevitable! Your busy schedule may keep you from enjoying the social scene.

Taurus: You may be kept busy on the professional or academic front. Financial worries become a thing of the past, as money comes to you from an unexpected source. Self-imposed dietary restrictions promise good health and vitality. Sometimes it is best to leave certain social issues to elders, even if they affect you. 

Gemini: A different professional exposure, which may appear a bit taxing at first, is in store and will need to be getting used to. Some expenses may have to be met through your own pocket, even if things are on-the-house. A journey may appear a bit strenuous due to the distance, but you will cope up well.

Cancer: You will prevent an ancestral property from becoming a bone of contention amongst the family members. A gossip campaign can be initiated against you on the social front, but you will be able to counter it. Today, you may not be in the right frame of mind to take up anything important at work.

Leo: Professionals are likely to earn well today. Following the advice of experts will help you in attaining total fitness. Family life will be most fulfilling. Those seeking romance will not be disappointed. A little bit of effort will find you scaling new heights on the academic front. You will enjoy a long drive with friends today. 

Virgo: There are too many thoughts running across your mind regarding achieving something positive on the professional front, but you may not be able to do so outright. You may get a bit concerned about spending money on someone you have hired, but don’t be hasty as you will get your returns soon. Love life seems most satisfying.

Libra: Someone on the social front may change his or her plans just to accommodate you. Exchanging sweet nothings with sweetheart will prove most satisfying. Getting something new may get some youngsters all excited. You will manage to convince someone to take on your workload on the professional front. Financially, you remain strong. Precautions will keep you safe from seasonal maladies.

Scorpio: Your academic performance is likely to show a distinct improvement. A job on the home front will be possible, as you have the money now. Achieving all the targets on the work front is possible for those in the marketing field. Taking fitness seriously is likely to benefit you immensely. 

Sagittarius: An assignment entrusted to you is likely to prove difficult. Someone may compel you to do something that you feel is not right, so listen to your voice within and don’t give in. You can get hoodwinked by someone who is after your money, if you are not careful. Stay away from petty bickering, if you want your peace of mind.

Capricorn: You are likely to make a good job of something that needs to be submitted on the academic front. Raising a loan will not be a problem. Much excitement is foreseen for those bitten by the travel bug. A good offer on the property front is foreseen.

Aquarius: Something you had desired for long is likely to be finally bought. Praise for something that you have achieved is awaiting you at work. You are likely to enjoy a current relationship to the hilt today. Some of you may stand to gain on the property front.

Pisces: This is a good time to give practical shape to your ideas on the professional front. Whatever you do at work will go in your favour and give a boost to your career. Cash crunch that some of you are facing now will disappear as money comes to you. Those keen on sports will be able to join the team.




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