Aries: Hard work of yesteryears is likely to translate into continuously increasing financial strength. Suitable match for the eligible can be expected. It is best to keep your love life on the backburner today. Self-motivation will work wonders in getting back in shape. A good day is indicated for careerists trying to make their mark.

Taurus: Chances of having a showdown with parents or a family elder cannot be ruled out. A favourable day for students is foreseen, as they perform below well in a competition. Cooling off hot tempers at work is likely to save many productive hours. Profits are foreseen for some from a side business. A health initiative will prove beneficial. 

Gemini: Property matters causing tensions are likely to be resolved amicably. Your heart may not be in work today, but it will be important to clear your desk. Don’t undertake any strenuous activities as pulling a muscle cannot be ruled out. Presence of family on the side of those embarking on something new will be reassuring. 

Cancer: You are likely to be made in charge of an important event or project. Introducing new fitness techniques in your workout routine will prove immensely beneficial. Skillful handling of a delicate situation will help maintain domestic harmony. An advice of someone clued up financially will help in stabilising the monetary front. Romantic mood prevails.

Leo: Family may put pressure on you to take a break from work for a vacation. Some mental barriers may hold you back from sharing passionate moments with partner. You will have to remain proactive in a professional situation. You are likely to be made to feel important in a social gathering. Health remains satisfactory.

Virgo: Spouse may be in complaining mode, but you will be able to handle the situation well. Apprehensions over the result of a child or sibling cannot be ruled out for some. Romance may have to wait as you get busy with a new task. Antics of a family member can become a source of concern. 

Libra: Someone’s suggestions regarding investment may be right and get you good returns. Domestic issues will be tackled most responsibly. Your performance on the academic front is likely to be of the highest order. Someone has a soft corner for you and is looking for a chance to express love, so remain available and approachable!

Scorpio: Professionally you are assured of whatever is due to you in terms of promotion or increment. Love on the sly is certain to provide oodles of thrills! Wealth comes to you from many avenues. Coming down with some ailment is possible. Those embarking on an overseas vacation can expect an exciting time.

Sagittarius: Financial front looks promising and handsome returns on investments seem most likely. Deep down you may be desperate to bring some changes in your relationship, but can feel reluctant. Some of you can get worried about marriage of an eligible child or sibling.

Capricorn: You will need to focus on your strengths to hold an edge over rivals at work. You are likely to get a good response for a particular job you are offering. You will be able to take the right decision regarding an investment. An outing with lover will be fun. 

Aquarius: You may spend a handsome amount on a passing fancy, but you will have that kind of money. Good teamwork can be expected at work and will help you meet a deadline. Home front will remain a tranquil zone and help you unwind. You may take romance to the next level.

Pisces: Students are likely to beat the competition and come out with flying colours. Money is not a problem and you will be able to buy all the comforts you need. A trip may be undertaken to meet someone special. Spouse may have a surprise waiting for you. This is a good day for romance!



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