Aries: You may feel your goals out of reach, but positive thinking will soon make you determined to reach them. Some more efforts will be required to show your true mettle on the academic front. Some of you may not be able to become fully self-reliant, as far as finances are concerned, but it is only a matter of time when you do so.

Taurus: Help required on the domestic front will be forthcoming. Things remain favourable on the work front. Your expertise will be much in demand at work today. You may begin going steady with someone you have fallen in love with. Much excitement awaits you on a soon-to-materialize leisure trip. 

Daily Horoscope
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Gemini: Good showing on the academic front will motivate you to put your nose to the grindstone. Invitation to a celebrity do may be expected, so look your best! Love life is likely to pass through an excellent phase, as you lovingly groom your relationship. Health worries will become a thing of the past.

Cancer: Some of you are likely to get lucky and fall in love. Your go-getting spirit is likely to make you the frontrunner on the professional front. Blissful existence is foretold for the newly married. A long journey promises a great time for some. Time is ripe to acquire property.

Leo: Interest from savings promises to keep you in a happy financial state. Opportunities for netting new contracts come to you and add to your profits. Recognition at work will encourage you to give in your best. An opportunity for meeting someone who is away from home may come to you soon. You remain fit and energetic.

Virgo: You will be able to follow your heart and get close to someone you desire on the romantic front. Much profit is foreseen in tapping lucrative opportunities. Getting full support of your near and dear ones on the social front can be expected. You will manage to keep an ailment in check.

Libra: A victory of sorts is foreseen on the professional front. Academic goal is likely to be achieved by the dint of your hard work. Much joy is foreseen on the romantic front as lover goes out of the way to impress you. Keeping a close watch on a property issue will be in your interest. Good times are foreseen on the health front.

Scorpio: Your decisions at work are likely to prove an asset to the organisation. Caring for someone on the family front is likely to enhance your reputation socially. Working women will be able to balance housework and job admirably. Spouse appears extra lovey-dovey today, so just play along. Property is likely to be acquired by some.

Sagittarius: Those feeling under the weather will succeed in restoring their health. A senior may praise you for your efforts on the professional front. You will find much joy in going for an outing with family. For you, getting social mileage out of a function you have organised is a foregone conclusion! Academic front remains satisfactory.

Capricorn: You will manage to rescue your money from a dubious scheme by taking prompt action. Be careful, as chance of contracting some infection appears likely. Your competence on the professional front will come to fore in furthering the interest of the organisation. Businesspersons are likely to bag a lucrative deal. Good understanding with spouse will help make the relationship stronger.

Aquarius: There is a fair chance of undertaking a journey that promises immense enjoyment. You will be able to grab an opportunity to showcase your talents on the professional front. Some of you may move into a new house. Good health will keep you fit and energetic

Pisces: Some positive signs may be received regarding a property issue. Organising something exciting on the social front is indicated. An invitation to travel someplace exotic promises much excitement to some youngsters. You are likely to remain on a safe wicket on the academic front. Professionally, you will manage to establish yourself firmly.

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