NAIROBI-(MaraviPost)-There can never be pain bigger that a mother losing her child. Even animals with their little understanding of goodness can do anything to save their children from harm. Imagine if someone just snatched your child and runs away with him forever? Today’s revelation have left many sad.

He is called MC Fallon. He is a Kenyan based gospel artist who’s origin is Tanzania. How he found himself in Kenya was due to his humble background that forever him to start hustling at an early age.

According to Dallion, one of the saddest things he ever lives to regret is when he worked as child trafficker. He spent months in this job before he finally came to realize that he needed God in his life.

How They Acquired Children

The sad part of the story is that he and his company could get children from many ways. The easiest was to find a street mother who has children and take away the child.

Secondly, they could at one point find clueless mother’s in town and snatch children from anywhere. They used a motor bike to run away , hence leaving very little opportunity for the victim to follow them.

Also, they could trick those children who knew them as friends into following the to a journey the never returned.

What Happened to Children

According to him, the would transport the children to a certain agreed point with their customer. They were only paid KSH.5000 for every child delivered at any time. He revealed that they could manage to deliver at least 25 children every week.

On a sad note, their customer, who used to purchase the children had some health officials who helped to check medical condition of the children. Every child delivered had to be tested and results delivered to the customers. The saddest thing is that most of these children could fail the medical test and not meet the requires standards. Such children had no other use than get killed in everyone’s sight.

However, when Fallon saw that what they were doing was too wrong, he decided to follow his God- given talent and sing to the world, giving them the message of the lord. Today, he believes he is the best Gospel Musician in Africa.


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