A court in Nairobi, Kenya on Thursday sentenced a Rwandan woman to life in prison after finding her guilty of killing her pregnant friend following disagreement over a white boyfriend.
Antoinette Uwineza, is said to have killed Winnie Uwambaye Colpitts together with her seven-month-old foetus.
Lady Justice Jessie Lessit found Antoinette guilty of the murder over what the prosecution said was rivalry to win over a British man who had overlooked her and in favour of her pregnant friend.
Antoinette was charged with the murder which occurred on February 16, 2013 at Saharan Lodge in Nairobi.
The deceased’s decomposing body was found two days later by workers at the hotel after foul smell started emanating from the room.
A postmortem examination showed that she died as a result of strangulation.
The judge however spared two men who bought the phone allegedly stolen from Winnie after her death.
The two, Alexander Kiole Mutie and Kassin Oyamo Odiwuor were jointly charged with Antoinette with the murder.
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