Malawi Congress Party President Retired Evangelist Lazarus Chakwera

Lazarus Chakwera’s witness admits in court that using the correct calculations as done by MEC show that no one was favored by MEC. However, he had alternative calculations that he could not explain that will prove that Lazarus Chakwera should have been declared the winner of the May 22nd Elections

Election Case Update; 14 October 2019

 AG Kaphale: For the figures to match there should be proper auditing?

Lackson: Yes

 AG Kaphale: And null and void votes must be added to total votes?

Lackson: Yes

 AG Kaphale: Why are you discounting the arithmetic errors

Lackson: The second respondent was changing the results

 AG Kaphale: Your very fake document is 1498; can you confirm?

Lackson: Yes

 AG Kaphale: Let’s add the votes the last candidate got?

Lackson: 1173

 AG Kaphale: What is wrong their sir? Any problem there?

Lackson: Should I explain?

 AG Kaphale: Which candidate got extra votes there?

Lackson: No one

 AG Kaphale: So, this form doesn’t support your theory?

Lackson: It does

 AG Kaphale: How? Have you exhibited it?

Lackson: Yes

 AG Kaphale: Where is it

Lackson: My form is not legible

 AG Kaphale: Let’s get to page 5282

 AG Kaphale: Can we add the valid votes? What do you get?

Lackson: 898

 AG Kaphale: Let’s go to typed one

Lackson: 898

 AG Kaphale: Have you seen that MEC captured 898?

Lackson: Yes, that is what i can see

 AG Kaphale: With the form you have brought from your monitor what is the figure there?

Lackson: 4

 AG Kaphale: How many votes?

Lackson: 265

 AG Kaphale: Null and void

Lackson: 2

 AG Kaphale: In the forms we have gone through is there any discrepancy on valid votes?

Lackson: No

 AG Kaphale: Is there any candidate valid votes that were entered in the MEC system wrongly?

Lackson: I haven’t checked

 AG Kaphale: But in your sworn statement you say some candidates were given extra votes

Lackson: I did not check because it was not important

 AG Kaphale: Have you come across any candidate votes that were wrongly entered?

Lackson: …………..

 AG Kaphale: Can you answer my question?

Lackson: I can’t tell

 AG Kaphale: Your table shows capturing errors and i will show you

Lackson: Lets go to number 11

 AG Kaphale: Let’s start with candidate votes. What figure did you put for UDF?

Lackson: 1943

 AG Kaphale: That was worn

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