Yoweri Kaguta Museveni thank the doctors and health workers that have been at the front of this COVID-19 fight.

 Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who has been President of Uganda since 1986, has been very colorful and demonstrated some dictatorial tendencies arresting opposition However he has gained more notoriety with his leadership and pronouncements during the CIVID-19 period.

On April 7th, Bernard Sabiiti, a researcher, and public policy analyst, tweeted this on his timeline: “I think Museveni has cast a spell on me! How else can I explain the fact that I look forward to his Covid-19 addresses and actually miss him when he does not give one? His old school, traditional demeanor is kind of cool too. Guess this is how FDR’s Fireside Chats felt in the 30s.”

Below are some of his famous pronouncements:

Thanks Doctors and Scientists

I once again thank the doctors and health workers that have been at the front of this COVID-19 fight. I reiterate my position that scientists should be paid better than non-scientists. You can see how much trouble they have saved us from this COVID-19 danger.

COVID-19 deaths from Ugandan Diaspora

Let no one bring any bodies of people that have died of COVID-19 to Uganda. Whoever dies of COVID-19 outside Uganda should be buried there, you can also choose to cremate them, but let no one bring the bodies here.

Likewise, Ugandans who die as a result of coronavirus, will be buried by the state with proper health precautions and procedure.

Boda Bodas and bicycle

After advice and briefing from the transport team, we have decided that the Boda Bodas and bicycles can now operate until 5:00pm to help with deliveries to our people. We insist that these should not operate in the night because they could be used to facilitate criminality, and still they are not allowed to carry passengers but cargo.

Bribery on stickers for Cars

Those who were bribing and getting stickers for their private cars will now have their vehicles confiscated. You are ‘killing’ Ugandans by refusing to co-operate. We shall also take you to court.

I read this story of Safari, one of the COVID-19 survivors who commended the government’s efforts in curbing the spread of the virus. In his testimony, he concurs that the virus is easy to manage with social discipline and following rules by government and ministry of health.

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