Female golfer in action-pic by Joseph Chikalipo-Mana

By Moses Nyirenda

Lilongwe Golf Club has appealed to Lady Golfers in the country to join the sport and attain required basic skills in order for them to turn into professions.

Lilongwe Golf Club Captain, Medson Roka made the appeal Saturday at Lilongwe Golf Club during the 39th Zimbabwe Independence Golf Tournament which was organized by Zimbabweans who are living in the country together with Zimbabwe High Commission.

He said once they join the sport they would strive to become champions and become economically empowered among sportswomen in the country.

Roka said that Golf is one of the sporting activities that bring economic change among its practitioners; hence he encouraged women to join the sport if they have to remain economically independent in their families.

“Golf is one of the best sporting disciplines globally which brings people together where they share ideas such as business concepts, opportunities and networks that mostly uplift their economic statuses.

It is my plea to ladies especially young women to join golf sport so that they should become stars while at the same time remaining financially independent,” he pointed out.

The Captain said that his club has about 300 golfers and out of them 80 are female.

He said that his team is eyeing to train more female golfers as one way of promoting golf sport among ladies in the country.

According to him, many people fail to join golf sport as they believe that the sport is mainly for highly privileged people, hence he said at his club everyone is allowed to play golf regardless of economic stability.

“People think that golf is for the rich people and this is not true, at Lilongwe Golf Club we accept everyone including people from underprivileged households,” he said.

Roka advised parents to allow their children particularly girls to join Lilongwe Golf Club saying that his club provides free golf playing materials and trainings for kids in order for them to understand the sport at a tender age and become professionals in the future.

One of the Zimbabwean female golfers who organized the Zimbabwe Independence Golf Tournament, Cathie Wakadiwa Matura, said that golf experts from Zimbabwe are committed to promote golf in the country among people including ladies.





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