The Living Waters Church on Friday asked its members not to join the 13th December, 2017 electoral reform demonstration organized by the Public Affairs Committee (PAC).

Living Waters Church said this through its letter sent to all of its churches.

Below is the epistle;

Dear LWC Clergy and Laity.

I write in my capacity as General Secretary of the Living Waters church International to inform you that neither the Board of Trustees nor the International Council have met to come up with a position of the church visa vis events of 13th December 2017.

I would further hasten to inform you that in the absence of a formal statement from the Board of Trustees or International Council, all clergy and laity of the LWC Int. are hereby restrained from making statements on behalf of the church to any fora for or against the events of the 13th December 2017.

The above notwithstanding, the church acknowledges that all clergy and laity of LWC Int. have a right to exercise their individual freedooms as citizens of Malawi permitted by the constitution of the country to choose which side of the debate to follow. That would be their private decision and not the official position of the church.

As a church we continue to plead with all the clergy and laity laity to pray for the peace of God to reign on both sides of the coin irrespective the choices they make. We need to praay for Government as much as we need to pray for all who are going to march so that there should be peace progress and prosperity in our country.

Endless love and unceasing prayers,

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