Traditional Authority (TA) Sitola of Machinga the eastern district of Malawi has openly told the Ant-Corruption Bureau (ACB) officials that their organization is an agent of corruption in the country.

Speaking as a guest of honour at a meeting organised by ACB, the chief said Malawians have lost hope with the organization.

According to TA Sitola, instead of curbing corruption ACB is protecting high rank officials in government involved in the malpractice.

He then wondered why ACB officials are bringing the corrupt message to the local people rather than officials in government where he said corruption is happening.

“You, ACB, you’re bringing your messages to us the rural populations for what?” Asked the chief.

“Is it us the poor who are corrupt? It’s the rich who are corrupt. It’s civil servants who are corrupt. It’s you, ACB, who are corrupt, because you never succeed in putting the rich behind bars for their corruption.” Fumed the the chief.

He continued by saying “Prisons are full of poor people. When we hear that ACB has arrested a rich man today, the same day he is released. You are the ones who are corrupt.”

The fearless chief then asked the ACB officials to clean their house and put things in order if they really want to curb corruption.

The ACB officials while continuing with their program failed to defend themselves from the remarks.

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